Mbabazi Declared Political Messiah

The first presidential campaign rally for Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi last evening was characterized with moving speeches from different political actors from both the opposition and NRM, ask information pills music performances all to an unexpectedly filled Nakivubo stadium.

Despite the rain that messed up the entire stadium, viagra 60mg supporters of the former Prime Minister chanted, sang and danced through the 5 hours of the function, giving him such names as political messiah, redeemer and hope to Ugandans.

Mbabazi exited the house when was called on to perform a ceremony of releasing white doves as a symbol of restoration of freedom and peace in the country.

Mbabazi dances his way to the podium

Mbabazi dances his way to the podium

Some of the Members of Parliament (MP) and eminent persons present at the function included Issa Kikungwe, Ssebuliba Mutumba, Suzan Namaganda, Fred Mukasa Mbidde, Joseph Ssewungu, Betty Anywar, Latif Ssebagala, Florence Namayanja, Wakayima, Medard Ssegona, Mathias Mpuga, Moses Katabu, Suleiman Kidandala, Florence Nakiwala, Maria Matembe, Olara Otunnu, and many others.

EALA representative Fred Mukasa Mbidde

EALA representative Fred Mukasa Mbidde

Among the speakers was the East African MP, Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde who assured Mbabazi of the support of all the other East African neighboring countries.

“I want to assure you that all the other East African countries are behind your candidature and have offered to help in guarding your victory against vote rigging,” Mbidde said.

Thousands turned up for Mbabazi's inaugural rally

Thousands turned up for Mbabazi’s inaugural rally

Former Mbarara Woman MP Maria Matembe expressed joy that a last God heard her prayers and chose to rise a redeemer in the names of Amama Mbabazi.

“I have been crying for 10 years after breaking away from president Museveni whom I loved so much. I worked so hard to cause women join NRM but they have just been used as well as the youth without earning anything from government. I am happy today as a senior citizen that we have got a redeemer whom I often showed the mess in the country and he would tell me to be patient and calm.”

Mbabazi with FDC's Beatrice  Anywar who nominated his candidature at Namboole

Mbabazi with FDC’s Beatrice Anywar who nominated his candidature at Namboole

“I came here to see if there is substance in his move but I have believed that indeed there is; let’s begin the journey to save our country, Ugandans are no longer citizens but rendered subjects but in their country.”

Hon. Medard Ssegona called on all the people of Buganda to appreciate the role played by Mbabazi to ensure that the kingdom land titles were released by the central government to Mengo government after a period of over 20 years.

“Mbabazi pushed his elder brother, President Museveni to return land titles to Buganda which eventually worked and when the president heard Mbabazi declaring to stand against him, more land titles were earned.”

“We are now telling the people of Buganda to stop bothering Museveni for the land titles because we have now come ourselves to pick them from where they are,” he said.


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