Mao Vows to ‘Make Ground Hot for Anyone That Touches Constitution’

President of the Democratic Party Norbert Mao has Tuesday vowed to “make the ground too hot for anybody that wants to touch the presidential Age limit as it stands in the constitution.

Mao revealed today that his will not wait for the amendment bill to be tabled to parliament, noting that they intend to have all MPs make their positions on the matter known to the voters.

While addressing the media at the DP headquarters, Mao also asked people not to use violence as a way of showing their disagreement with the age limit bill and encouraged them to use peaceful methods like the opposition party is doing.

Yesterday social media platforms were rocked with a video of one of the members of parliament who came out supporting the removal of the age limit bill Hon Simeo Nsubuga, being shoved and dragged by a journalist at Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s 24 coronation anniversary.

“I saw what happened to Hon Nsubuga and I don’t encourage people to do that,” Mao said. “Howeve, I will not pretend not to understand the anger of the people. Bloodshed and violence are not the solution and that’s why we launched the prevention before the cure which is our campaign”


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