Magogo Sets Targets for New Term

Moses Magogo addressing the media on Wednesday

Moses Magogo was reelected into office over the weekend as the President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) for the next four years.

And ahead of his new term, Magogo has unveiled his projected plan on which the Federation will operate.

While speaking to the media on Wednesday during the Fufa Weekly press briefing, Magogo put emphasis on commercialization of the game in the 6 point programme.

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“Football is no longer an amateur sport but rather a game that generates a lot of income and as FUFA, we have set plans to make sure we produce a more marketable product,” Magogo noted.

“We must make sure we position ourselves to generate more money through the available channels,” he added.

In some of the strategies that Fufa pla1an to commercialize the game include having games on television with Magogo indicating the future of sports lies in TV.

“World over, incomes from gates are no longer enough to fund teams but instead the money is earned through TV rights,” he noted.

Magogo also embeds plans of attracting the corporate world to football as one of the ways of commercializing football.

He thinks that if they can build confidence in the sponsors, more money will be generated.

Besides, commercialization the Fufa Boss also pointed out improving the marketing and communication department.

Under this, Magogo hinted on creating a Fufa foundation through which the Corporate Social Responsibility programmes will be conducted, registration of Fufa Brands and improving the Fufa Radio as an avenue of making money.

There is also a plan improving the institution of FUFA in terms of empowering the executive, legislature and judiciary, innovations such a Fufa SACCO, making symposiums.

The other targets include advocating for creation of a football industry by the government and improving Fufa competitions including the lower divisions.

Magogo’s 5 targets

-Improving FUFA as an institution

-Advocating for a football history

-Improving Club football

-Commercialisation of Football

-Marketing and Communication

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