Mafias Run Wakiso Land Registry – Witness

Mwangushyo testifying before the Bamugemereire commission
Mwangushyo testifying before the Bamugemereire commission

The entity of the Wakiso District land registry is being run by a group of mafias, the commission of inquiry into land matters has heard.

On Friday, Mr. Satia Mwangusyo, the Principal Land Management officer told the commission that at the time he arrived, Wakiso district land registry was like a marketplace without any organisation in the way they operated.

“The land officials at the district were the same officers occupying offices of the land ministry,” Mwangusyo said.

“The ministry (lands) zonal office committee didn’t exist and it was only one man from Katabi who did the work for the 18 sub counties in the district.”

He recounted that the land officials in Wakiso were untouchables and did everything they wanted in disregard of the law.

There was a racket, he adds, led by the district land officials who had brokers and controlled the entire land management system in the district.

“They had a lot of influence that when you reported them, nothing was done. They were the same people who received applications for land titles and run the chain up to clearing to be given the title.”

Mwangusyo further narrated that the Wakiso land officials could send their brokers to various areas to get deals of people who wanted to get land titles.

Government, he said, lost a lot of revenue to these land officials in Wakiso who always pocketed the money.

He narrated how he was able to collect shs265billion and send it to URA while the land officials never remitted the money they collected to government.

“I realised that if properly handled, government can fund the budget just from money collected from districts, “he noted.

However, according to the principal land management officer his life was in danger while working in Wakiso as district land officials wanted to kill him.

“I never ate anything not until I reached home for fear of being poisoned. At one time they almost crashed my vehicle because I had stopped their dealings.”

He added that he was surprised when the ‘mafias’ who had ‘relocated’ to Mukono district when he was posted Wakiso returned (to Wakiso) when he went to Mukono.

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