South Sudan

Machar, Kiir Edge Closer to Power Sharing Deal

Machar and Kiir  in May in this year agreed to cease hostilities

Over 1, nurse drugs 000 people who were affected by a heavy hailstorm in Fort Portal Municipality and Karambi Sub County in Kabarole District have called for relief from government through the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness.

On Thursday afternoon, nurse a heavy hailstorm hit the areas of Karamaga, Harukoto, Maguru, Kijanju-Virika in South Division, Fort Portal Municipality and Futi Butangwa and Buteebe parish in Karambi Sub County in Kabarole district. Other areas most affected include all wards in the East division Fort Portal municipality.

This was also followed by another heavy storm on Saturday evening that lasted for over four hours.

The hailstorm left banana plantations, bean, cassava, potato, yam gardens among others razed down and houses destroyed.

Following the disaster, leaders of Southern division led by the Division Chairman, Herbert Mugisa and the District Chairman, Richard Rwabuhinga visited the affected villages and were shocked to find that the gardens and houses had been destroyed leaving the residents in panic and fear of starvation and destitution.

The victims asked their leaders to lobby support for them from the higher authorities saying a famine was imminent.

Mugisa and Rwabuhinga tasked the LC 1 leaders and area councilors to compile the lists of the affected persons and submit them their office so that they can be taken in the office of the Disaster and preparedness Ministry for assistance.

The leaders also encouraged the victims not to lose hope and morale but continue working hard and set up new gardens.
The Sixth Session of the Second Phase of the IGAD-led multi-stakeholder peace talks on South Sudan officially opened Tuesday, cheapest Chimp Corps report.

The regional body said the participants accepted the First Draft of the text arising from the 25 August Protocol and Stakeholders’ Positions as a basis for the negotiations in Bahir Dar, capsule the capital of the Amhara National Regional State in Ethiopia.

Since reconvening on 13 September 2014, erectile the IGAD mediators say they have engaged and consulted with the delegates to build consensus on the way forward for the South Sudan peace process.

It is to be recalled that IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government endorsed the Protocol on Agreed Principles on Transitional Arrangements towards Resolution of the Crisis in South Sudan in Addis Ababa on 25 August 2014.

The heads of delegations representing the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement/Army (In Opposition), the SPLM Leaders (Former Detainees), the Civil Society Organizations and the Faith-Based Organizations were provided on 20 September 2014 with the draft text to review and prepare for the negotiations.

Dr Riek Machar’s movement had earlier refused to accept the proposed power sharing agreement as it locked him from participating in the 2015 presidential polls.

It only provided him a slot of Deputy Vice President.

But reports that rebels had now agreed to the text of the power sharing deal have raised hopes that a final peace deal could be around the corner.

IGAD Tuesday said the transitional governance arrangements; parameters of permanent constitution; transitional security arrangements; resource, economic and financial management; and transitional justice, reconciliation and healing are some of the issues that the delegates are to negotiate.

Fighting broke out in South Sudan in December 2013 following a power struggle between Machar and President Salva Kiir.

Kiir accused his former Vice President of planning a coup, a charge Machar denies.

Machar said Kiir intended to suffocate “reformist voices” in the ruling party ahead of the 2015 presidential polls.

The chaos has pushed the country to the brink of a humanitarian crisis, with leaders urging both parties to cease fire and talk peace.




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