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As the 2016 elections 2016 draw closer, treat http://context-beermann.de/templates/context_beermann/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_users/remind/default.php the Minister of Gender, sales Labour and Social Development, Mary Karooro Okurut has warned residents of Bushenyi district against getting involved in early political campaigns, saying they will waste their much valuable time.

Karooro, who is also the Bushenyi district woman member of parliament asked women to engage in their economic activities rather than paying attention to self-seeking politicians.

“The rains have come and people need to concentrate on their farms. It is not yet time for politics and campaigns and those who are doing it should know that what they are doing is illegal. I am the spokesperson of NRM and I will be the one to announce the commencement of campaigns next year,” Ms Karooro said.

Speaking to women groups in Ruhumuro sub-county, Bushenyi district on Monday, Karooro said that when people start attending to these illegal campaigns, it is likely to cause famine in future, since there will be nobody attending to the gardens.

He said that in order to avoid this scenario, people should think of their gardens because no politician will put food on their tables.

Ms Karooro asked women to form groups in order to access government funding.

“There is no way how government will help you as individuals. It will be easier for you to access funds from government when you are in groups,” Karooro said.

She decried the abuse of young girls and women, saying that this affects their future negatively.

“It is really disheartening to see young girls as early as two months defiled. There are men who have continued to commit these humiliating acts even when government has put in place firm measures against them,” Karooro said.

She also condemned men who have found it a habit to beat their wives.

Karooro promised to open up a legal office in Bushenyi town that will help women, who are chased out of their homes.

She also urged men to always prepare their families by making wills, such that harmony prevails in their homes when they are long dead.

Earlier, the Bugaara Village LCI chairman Emmanuel Bamwanga had asked Minister Karooro what happened to the bicycles government promised them.

“Our counterparts in other districts received the bicycles; we really wonder why Bushenyi was left out. We have always voted this current government for all the times it has contested, but we don’t know where this neglect is coming from,” Mr Bamwanga said.

Minister Karooro promised to find out why Bushenyi district LCI chairmen never received the bicycles.

Kampala’s controversial gossip girl, viagra buy http://centthor.com/wp-includes/class-wp-tax-query.php Mary Luswata of Urban TV has given a chance to all those that feel competent enough to present her gossip show, Sqoop on Sqoop for two weeks to come over and try their luck as she is to be away for two weeks.

Luswata announced during her show on Monday that anyone that is interested and feels like they can do her job or be a ‘Luswata of sorts’ should go to the Urban TV offices for screen tests as they can have a chance to present the show starting on Wednesday.

“Don’t be shy; this could be the first step to hosting your own TV show. Come over to Urban TV for a screen test. Waiting to meet you,” Luswata wrote on her Facebook page.

Everyone that has watched the show can testify that it is not an easy job since it involves lots of gossip and attacking of the Ugandan celebrities that undoubtedly have mammoth legions of fans.

The controversial statements she makes have repeatedly made her a target of ridicule and verbal harassment especially on social media from the angry celebrities and their fans. In some extreme cases, she has received death threats from angry fans to the point that bodyguards were allegedly hired to protect her.

Luswata however, has also got a huge following of her own as her fans admire her nerve and the fact that she will attack any celebrity without fear. The gossip lovers also love her because she will talk about that kind of gossip that most gossip presenters fear to. Most people reckon she is the best in the gossip industry since she is fearless.

Luswata however, warned all those that want to try out for her job that it is not easy. She said that one could easily sit in front of the cameras and sweat to the point of dehydration because it is quite difficult to do. She on the other hand invited all the bold people to try out as it could kick-start their career on TV.


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