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Lukwago Condemns KCCA Toddler Death

Investors in Kenya can now take only a day to register their business, medicine more about file taxes electronically and access both regional and international markets easily, cialis 40mg thanks to favourable business reforms and policies initiated by the government and private sector, side effects Chimp Corps report.

These and other factors have seen the country’s ease of doing business improve slightly by a single digit from last year’s 137 to 136 this year, according to the 2015 Ease of Doing Business index report released recently.

The government aims to expand power generation capacity by 5,000 megawatts (MW) by 2017, adding to installed capacity of 1,664 MW in a bid to tem high cost of power that has inflated the cost of doing business hence scaring off potential investors.

Speaking during the Kenya International Investment Conference (KIICO) held Wednesday at KICC, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that his government is keen to provide investors with “clean and cheap energy.”

The standard gauge railway project that aims at connecting the country to other East African states is a huge baby step towards diversifying transportation means.

Apart from lowering the cost of transport, the bulky rail transport is industrial friendly as it provides direct link between industries and sources of raw materials.

The first phase of the project will cover 609.3 kilometres from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi and will cost $3.6 billion (Sh314.2 billion at today exchange rate). 90 per cent of the financing will come from China Exim Bank while the remaining 10 per cent will be from the Government of Kenya.

A single window system, an electronic platform that serve as a single entry point for shippers involved in international trade, also started to operate in October.

The system aims at speeding up the clearance of imports at Kenyan ports hence cutting on trade transaction costs, delays from bureaucratic procedures, corruption in addition to improving space utilization at ports.

Kenya, together with other East African states, is championing one network in communication sector that will see calling rates lowered.

The initiative is good news especially for entrepreneurs in the region who have for a long time been affected by high cross border calling rates that limit their communication window, a key aspect in the business space.

The talk on one network comes barely a few months after successful launch of the East Africa Payment System (EAPS) that has seen the cost of money transfer within East Africa lowered. This platform offers a secure and cheap money transfer mode especially for huge investors in the region.

Other reforms initiated by the government in a bid to woo international investors include opening of capital markets for foreign participation, abolishing of exchange controls, freeing of the Kenya shilling exchange rate to be market driven and removal of price controls.

The President promised the government’s commitment signing a double taxation agreement that aims at “exempting foreign investors from harsh tax regime.”

The decentralized form of governance also point investors to economic resources in every part of the country.

In spite of all these measures, Kenya’s economic performance and level of global competitiveness remains low relative to global benchmarks.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, Kenya is ranked 106 out of the 144 countries evaluated; an indication of a relatively steady performance when compared to last year’s ranking of 106 out of 139 countries ranked.

It is perhaps on this back drop that KIICO is assembling both local and international economic players to showcase friendly investment windows in the country in a bid to reap from huge investment interests in Africa by International companies.

While opening the conference, the President assured investors of their security and the government’s commitment to create free business environment.
Impeached Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has joined Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze to condemn the negligence at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) that could have led to the death of Ryan Ssemaganda, cialis 40mg a toddler at the city authority’s premises on Tuesday.

“I am profoundly touched and saddened to learn that a two year kid was fatally crashed by a KCCA vehicle within the precincts of City Hall as the mother was in the dock on account of street vending, page ” charged Lukwago.

“As a leader, it makes me squirm to imagine that because of impunity and/or anarchy reigning in Kampala, such heinous crime(s) may not be atoned for.”

Baguma Anwali who was driving a car belonging to KCCA, dragged the two-year-old toddler on the ground, with blood flowing on the ground endlessly.

“We heard a loud bang followed by a short scream and then total silence. Ssemaganda’s bones were smashed. His brain spilled on the ground as Baguma looked on helpless and terrified,” recounted Jane Amajo who witnessed the accident.

Tumwebaze said the death of the toddler is an “act of negligence which I do not take lightly” and also shows “security laxity within KCCA.”

He added: “Whether the child had an attendant or not, the KCCA security should have the capacity to detect any movement within the court and its entire premises especially of a child reported to have moved away undetected from its minders.”

The Minister also noted that while KCCA officials are entitled to maintain an orderly city, “we encourage them to perform their duties but responsibly.”

The condemnations come against the backdrop of a huge public outcry over the manner in which KCCA enforcement officers continue to brutalise unarmed civilians.

Sections of the public have since urged KCCA boss, Jennifer Musisi to “humanise” the authority’s operations.

Musisi on Wednesday described as a “a very sad” and “unfortunate incidence”, adding, “We are working with the bereaved family on funeral arrangements.”

But Lukwago who was impeached as Mayor said, “We shall nevertheless continue making a clarion call to all stakeholders (the President inclusive) to appreciate that trade order, and/or transformation of Kampala in general, calls for strategic planning which entails comprehensive micro and macroeconomic policies as opposed to spurious and brutal methods.”

Musisi said Ssemaganda’s mother had been arrested and kept under police detention at Kampala Central Police Station, a day before she was delivered to be charged at City Hall Court.

Musisi noted that, two relatives who were later identified as the mother of the detainee and another person came with the baby to see the suspect at the court.

“In the course of their stay, the baby strayed away and went down the slope into the parking lot behind KCCA Head Quarters which has mature foliage forming the gardens,” Musisi said in a statement.

Musisi continued to state that the driver of the KCCA car in question drove into the parking lot and after dropping staff, reversed out.

“This is when he accidentally ran over the child, who had just emerged from the foliage,” the ED held.


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