Live Bullets as Angry Vendors Take Dead Colleague to KCCA

Pic from Dewinton as they approach Parliament avenue

Live bullets rocked the heart of Kampala on Friday afternoon when angry vendors from Railway Grounds, Jinja Road stormed KCCA with body of their dead colleague.

According to one of the traders who only described himself as Mukasa, the decease identified as Evelyn Nasemera drowned in the deep drainage in Nakivubo channel near Mukwano Industries Limited as she was escaping from the KCCA enforcement officers who were pursuing her.

“Eve begged the KCCA guys to let her go but they started running after her forcing her look for escape route in the drainage,” Mukasa said.

The deceased after finding herself in deep running water and the force was defeating her, called upon the same KCCA enforcement officers to rescue her but they allegedly ignored and left her to die.

“Eve wanted help and she would still be alive but the heartless KCCA guys just turned away,” he added.

When the vendors who had also fled from the trading area that KCCA considers illegal, returned they found that their colleague had died.

The enraged vendors grabbed the body quickly, decided to take it to KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi to “eat”.

The uncontrollable hundreds of vendors passed through the Electoral Commission, Dewinton Road and to Parliament Avenue with police only following them.

When they reached KCCA main gate they found three trucks of police officers stationed there already. The determined vendors tried to force their way into KCCA headquarters making police to fire 6 live bullets.

The live bullets were, however, yielding nothing until when the body was grabbed by the police from the vendors and whisked towards city mortuary through Parliament Avenue road.

Calm only returned when vendors followed the police truck carrying the body of Nasemera.


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