Laborer Found in Possession of Opium Pardoned After ‘Seeing Dead Bodies’

A 30-year-old-man was on Wednesday pardoned by the Buganda Road Magistrate’s court after crying out loud for the safety of his life in prison.

Swaib Mugoya, a laborer at meat parkers had appeared in a session presided over by Gladys Kamasanyu and pleaded with court to set him free alleging that for the time he has spent on remand – on some days he sees between 15 to 20 dead bodies in the prison.

Prosecution had stated that on May 6, 2017 at Railway grounds in Kampala without lawful excuse Mugoya had in his possession 30 rolled pieces of opium a prohibited drug under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act of 2016.

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Mugoya’s file was formally brought in court on May 11, this year.

He took plea denying the charges against him before he was remanded to prison.

“Your honor; ever since I was remanded in May; I have seen very many people falling sick and die in prison please release me. I don’t want to die from there,” Mugoya said.

The presiding magistrate was moved by Mugoya’s submission prompting her to ask him to weather he had not seen any inmates recovering from the illnesses.

He said: “…true some do but, those who die are many as well.”

Mugoya further explained to court that the charges against him where just fictitious as prosecution has never presented any witness to testify against him.

After perusing through Mugoya’s file Kamasanyu opted dismissing his case for want of prosecution.

“The accused has been released for want of prosecution. The state may reinstate the case once they have found witnesses,” Kamasanyu held.

However, before she could dismiss the case she cautioned Mugoya to desist from possessing narcotic drugs by advising him that the penalty for those found guilty of such offences was revised to 10-years in jail.

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