Kyalya Says FDC Will Never Take Power With Kizza Besigye

Former Independent Presidential candidate, symptoms http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/common/src/tribe/autoloader.php Maureen Kyalya has scoffed at Forum for Democratic Change saying the opposition party will never take power as long as Dr. Kizza Besigye is still the flag bearer.
In a rather strong worded and provocative statement posted on Kyalya’s Facebook, she referred to FDC supporters as sadists who keep fantasizing about possessing power to cause change.

“If you want to live in misery do not forcefully drag all Ugandans down with you. You hate even the basic facts. Besigye is Museveni’s personal rival and will never reign if he (Museveni) lives.”

Kyalya who is a former FDC party member went on to state that she doesn’t regret her decision to leave the party and that she can only return if Besigye ceases to be candidate. She added; “You want him (Besigye) into power, go and kill Museveni. In the meantime stay in your 20 year dream world alone because Besigye will never peacefully become Uganda’s president if Museveni reigns.”

The only female Presidential candidate who polled 40,598 votes in the February election with a 0.44 percentage in her post bragged of having the most successful candidate in the 2016 Presidential race and having ‘hit all her intended milestones’.

In what appears to be a strong tribalist remark, Kyalya bashed her former Presidential opponents from Western Uganda as being incapable to bring forth change.

“Uganda has NRM voters who are celebrating so just because you are mourning it does not make everyone a mourner. Better the devil you know I am glad Uganda chose or rigged for Museveni of all the Westerners because none of them is none NRM and none of them could have brought any true change.”

During the second Presidential debate in February, Maureen Kyalya openly asked Besigye whether his wife Winnie Byanyima was not related to the First family. Besigye denied this.


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