KIU: Mwinyi Decries Rush for Material Wealth

Uganda Universities have been rallied to embrace the teaching of new courses in marine engineering alongside oil and gas to prepare for the emerging job markets.

Addressing graduates at the 11th graduation ceremony for Kampala International University in Kansanga recently, stomach dosage the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said training institution need to review their curriculum.

“Uganda has discovered only a quarter of its oil and gas resources. In the next five years this sector will create over 1, remedy 300 jobs but we shall only remain spectators if our Universities don’t train the required manpower, buy ” she told graduates.

The Speaker who applauded the University Council for spreading its branches to the rural area noted the deficiency of marine engineers in Uganda.

“You also need to train marine engineers. We have many water sources but our ferries can only be manned by Engineers from Tanzania and serviced in Dar salaam. This is one of the new areas that Universities should venture into,” she added.

Kadaga reaffirmed the commitment of Parliament to improving access to education through enactments like the Public Private Partnership law.

The former President of the United Republic of Tanzania Ali Hassan Mwinyi was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by Kampala International University.

He was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the economic recovery of Tanzania and his selfless dedication to improving the welfare of the under privileged. The University Council also spearheaded a campaign against corruption where he dismissed seven ministers over corruption and abuse of office.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Mwinyi re-echoed the need for leaders to serve communities as part of their accountability to God.

“All the prophets of God were sourced from humble communities, but they left a big impact on the world. A person’s humble upbringing should not limit his ambitions. I believe that service to the people of God is service to God Himself,” he said.

Mwinyi decried the rush for material wealth at the cost of others in society. He said the best gift God gave everyone if a brain and the greatest accountability should be laid before the creator.

Over 2,985 students were awarded degrees diplomas and certificates. A new partial scholarship scheme to benefit over 5,000 under privileged students was also announced at the graduation ceremony.



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