Kisoro Endorse Museveni Life Presidency, Reject Land Amendment Bill

Bufumbira North MP John Kamara welcomed his people's support for President Museveni
Bufumbira North MP John Kamara welcomed his people's support for President Museveni

Residents of Kisoro district have okayed their parliamentary representatives to support the removal of the presidential age limit from the constitution.

The locals while meeting with their MPs on Tuesday, said unanimously that they saw nothing wrong with amending Article 102(b) of the constitution, to allow President Yoweri Museveni run again in 2021.

The locals were yesterday interacting with their MPs in a consultative meeting held at Maziba in Muramba Sub County.

All the Kisoro district members of parliament; Sam Byibesho (Kisoro Municipality), Rose Kabagyenyi (District Woman MP), John Kamara (Bufumbira North) and Sam Bitangaro (Bufumbira South) were in attendance.

Francis Nzabandora, the Muramba Sub County LC3 chairman said at the meeting that the people of Kisoro support President Museveni “ijana kwijana” (one hundred percent) and that they would vote for him any day.

The south western district voted overwhelmingly for President Museveni (74% ).

During the meeting, John Kamara, the Bufumbira North MP said as representative, he would not make any decision concerning such a contentious matter without consulting the people.

It should be remembered that government has denied existence of any bill proposing amendment of Article 102.

The MP, expressing support for the amendment, said that he would do that which is the people want, once the bill is tabled.

To those opposed to the amendment, Kamara said that the country’s constitution is not untouchable and that even the Holy Bible had been amended severally.

“When the amendment comes to us I will be the first person to support it,” he said.

The meeting also discussed the Land Amendment Bill which seeks to allow government powers to take away private land to be used for government projects, whether or not the owner agrees to the offered compensation.

The Bill to amend Article 26 was tabled in parliament last month and his been very unpopular so far.

The people of Kisoro too opposed the amendment saying that it allows government too much power.

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