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Kisenyi Terror Suspects’ Bail Application Flops

Some of the suspects moving out of court.

The mere mentioning of the word football in Uganda, viagra sale prescription the minds of most Ugandans run to either Manchester United, clinic Arsenal or Chelsea and other European clubs that they fancy most.


Fans demonstrating unity before the match


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However, more about when you mention the name Cranes, all Ugandans join hands for the national team irrespective of their different religious, political, social and other affiliations.


The day was Saturday July 19 when the Cranes played Mauritania in the 2015 AFCON qualifiers whereas the Cubs battled Rwandese Junior Wasps.


Right from the city centre, traders started selling Cranes attires ranging from jerseys, whistles to vuvuzelas and masks all in the 3 colours of the national flag-black, yellow and red.


The kids too were not spared from this spate as many were seen donning the national team jerseys whereas others held flags with the three colours.


It was a spectacular and colorful day as whites mingled with the locals as they shared drinks and eats.


At the stadium in Namboole, every one made sure they associated themselves to the national team either by way of dress, walk and even feeding.


Flags went for as much as Shs 10,000 whereas one had to part with Shs 25000 to buy a Cranes jersey.


Fans arriving for the match

Fans arriving for the match


The worse came to worst when we entered the stadium with all the 3  colours of the national flag displayed all over whereas fans kept chanting songs in praise of the national team.


It was another memorable and jubilating moment when the Cranes scored the first goal throwing the

fans into frenzy whereas vuvuzelas shouted like bees in a swarm and suffocated the stadium.

Fans enjoying a picture moment

Fans enjoying a picture moment


vendors displaying their merchandise

The War Crime Division of the High Court in Kampala on Friday evening denied bail to 5 suspected Al Shabaab terrorists who were arrested in September in Kisenyi, information pills a Kampala suburb.

The suspects including Abdi Abdulahi Bootan(26), unhealthy Muhamad Ahmed Gele(28), Yasmin Abdullahi(20), Hodan Ahmed Dahir and Muhamad Yusuf Farah(31) through their lawyers led by David Mushabe had told court that the offence is bailable as its their right as they await trial.

In his ruling Justice Moses Mukiibi noted that court ought to be cautious in handling cases involving serious charges like the one before him adding that there needs to be peace and safety for people and their property and this can only be done by government through its organs including Courts of law.

“The nature and gravity of such a charge (terrorism) creates great fear as the suspects when released may cause lawlessness in the society. Court has put in mind the fact that bail shouldn’t be refused as a form of punishment to the applicant because we can’t tell which way the trial will take,” Mukiibi noted.

The judge further explained that release of the suspects on bail would lead to interference in the course of justice yet the applicants had no permanent place of residence in Uganda.

“We have no assurance the sureties will prevent the suspects from absconding to areas outside the jurisdiction of this court. The application therefore fails and bail is refused to all the suspects,” the judge said.

On 13th September 2014, Uganda police swung into action and arrested 19 suspected Al Shabaab terrorists from their cell in Kisenyi a Kampala suburb.

According to sources in police, the suspects targeted Kampala shopping malls.

Prosecution alleges that the suspects from September 2011 up to September 2014 in various places of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia aided, abetted and rendered to support Al Shabaab group knowing that this would be used for preparation and commission of terrorism contrary to section 8 of the Anti -Terrorism Act of 2002.

Prosecution further alleges that the group between 2010 and September 2014, they belonged to Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab terrorist organizations listed under the Anti – Terrorism Act 2002 in the laws of Uganda.


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