Kenya Military Barracks Attacked

FDC ironman Dr Kizza Besigye has praised his colleague Erias Lukwago for standing up against government until the KCCA Amendment Bill, see http://cosmopolitan.taconeras.net/wp-includes/id3/module.audio-video.matroska.php 2005 was disregarded, treatment http://clearintotheclassroom.com/wp-includes/capabilities.php Chimp Corps report.

Besigye said he recognised that the “refusal by the Lord Mayor and his supporters to surrender…is the first victory of our strategy of winning by defiance and not by compliance.”

The Bill, diagnosis which Lukwago said intended to block him from participating in the Kampala Mayoral race by changing the mode of election from adult suffrage to Council elections, sparked off confrontations between police and his supporters in Kampala yesterday.

A meeting attended by Kampala Minister and Electoral Commission officials would later resolve the nomination for Lord Mayor which had been deferred to a later date, be held this week.

This, observers say, marked a huge victory for Lukwago – who is well aware government is keen on avoiding nasty pictures of political violence in the media ahead of Pope Francis’ visit late November.

On his part, Besigye said in a statement on Tuesday that the “demonstration of civil disobedience through the now empowered citizens the government was able to rescind their intention to block the nomination of Lord Mayor Lukwago.”

He added: “Therefore in winning by defiance and not compliance, I urge whole the forces of pro-democracy, pro- change and above all the people of Kampala to turn up and offer massive support to the Lord mayor Erias Lukwago as he goes in for his nomination tomorrow the 18th November.”

Tumwebaze on Monday said the amendment bill if passed into law, is intended to “improve the City and enhance the operations of the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area from a physical planning perspective and generally bring about integrated planning in the face of rapid urbanization. It is generally for the common good of all Kampala people.”

He also denied claims that the amendments were targeting Lukwago.

“The law was never made for Him.  Erias Lukwago just like any other person is entitled to aspire to become a Lord Mayor. However, what any person aspiring to be Lord Mayor needs to be reminded about is that he/she is not the primary administrator of the Capital City. The Central Government does so as per the Constitution,” said Tumwebaze.

“The Lord Mayor and the council administer it on delegation by the central government.  Central Government policy therefore takes precedence. That is why the minister responsible for the capital city is given veto powers under section 79.  This is what Erias Lukwago has never appreciated, but it’s the bitter truth.”

But Besigye warned that the changing of the electoral laws in the middle of the election is illegal.

He further described as disgraceful and questionable the stopping the nomination and election of the Lord Mayor on mere speculation that the laws are being amended.

“The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was duly elected but the government and police have in most cases with violence obstructed him from serving the people who elected him,” said Besigye.

Lukwago praised his supporters for standing behind him in the fight for the Mayoral post.
Kenya Defence Forces have repulsed an attack at a military facility in Garissa, diagnosis http://cs4all.nyc/wp-includes/cache.php an area previously raided by Somali terrorist group, viagra buy http://codefor.asia/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-update-term-endpoint.php Al Shabaab.

Kenya’s Defence Ministry said in a Tuesday statement to ChimpReports that two soldiers were shot at, abortion http://childrensclasses.org/wp2012/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-json-deflate-array-codec.php raising concerns about the growing levels of insecurity in the area.

“On 17 November, 2015, at around 13:00hrs, two armed men attempted to gain entry into Garissa Military Camp through the fence,” reads part of the statement.

The assailants were challenged by the prowler guard personnel to identify themselves.

In response, the statement reads, the attackers opened fire at the guards which triggered a confrontation.

The identities of the suspects are yet to be unveiled to the media.

Defence Ministry’s Public Affairs Official, D Obonyo said the guard personnel retaliated, incapacitating one individual while another assailant suspected to have been armed, fled.

“Following the incident, troops in pursuit of the fleeing attacker recovered an abandoned AK 47 rifle.  The injured assailant was arrested, handed to police and taken to hospital under police watch awaiting interrogation.”


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