INTERVIEW: Keko Opens Up About Her Relationship Status


Desire Luzinda´s Nigerian ex-boyfriend, ailment troche http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-widgets.php Franklin Emuobor has exclusively told ChimpLyf that the singer and her family are talking ‘rubbish’ about him now just because he refused to bail her out when she was arrested for the shs 16 m debt.

In an interview with ChimpCorps Bruno Agababyona, viagra approved and Faluku Twesigye, this morning, Franklin who is currently on a business trip in Kuwait said that he broke up with Luzinda a few months ago because she was promiscuous.

Franklin also expressed anger that the singer and her sister identified as Sallie Luzinda were denying that he once dated Desire branding him a Nigerian Conman. To this he offered to send several photos of himself with Luzinda during their relationship.

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“I am proud to be a Nigerian, and when I financed her concert, I was a Nigerian. When I kept showering her with money and gifts I was a Nigerian. Now that I refused to bail her out from her debts because of her unfaithfulness I am a conman,’” said Franklin.

“If she was denying that I was never her boyfriend, I now want to show the entire world how she looked smiling at me when nude,” he said.

Franklin further re-echoed that there was no reason why he would bail out Luzinda because he is currently in another relationship and that he does not cheat like her.

The Nigerian businessman further advised that the singer should learn to handle her embarrassment and not to transfer it on other people saying that if she does not stop spoiling his name, he will even release their sex-tape.

NB: In accordance with the company’s policy on explicit content, the nude photographs have not been published.
Its was yet another entertaining game as Ugandan  Members of Parliament walloped Cabinet Ministers 3 nil in a friendly game played at Namboole stadium as part of the activities to launch the protect the goal AIDS campaign.

Sarah Opendi (R) in action against Muhammad Nsereko.

Sarah Opendi (R) in action against Muhammad Nsereko.

The Executive  led by  Sports minister  Charles Bakabulindi, buy information pills http://charadas.org/wp-includes/class-wp-user-query.php Jessica Alupo, erectile Ronald Kibuule, viagra   J.C. Muyingo and Sarah Opendi among others were left dazzling by skills displayed by the legislators as they beat them left,right and centre.

Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo picked more balls from her goal than she saved.

Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo picked more balls from her goal than she saved.

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko was the hero of the day for the legislators after netting all the 3 goals for his team as he left Cabinet Ministers’ defence yearning for glasses of water as they sweated litres and litres of water.

Youth Minister kibuule was left exhausted.

Youth Minister Ronald Kibuule was left exhausted.

For the Education and Sports minister Jessica Alupo who in goal for the ministers, the only  task on the day was collecting  balls from her own net as she did this  more times than the saves she made for her team.

The score board was not of any help to the ministers.

The score board was not of any help to the ministers.

The legislators’ team captained by Aruu County MP Odonga Otto always gave hard time for the Ministers who on many times were seen falling after missing the ball as they attracted cheers from the huge crowd at Namboole.



In a bid to solve and understand all the mystery surrounding rapper Keko’s love life, help http://creamiicandy.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-setting.php our ChimpLyf reporters caught up with the funny musician at a recording studio in Naalya, http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/class-wp-network-query.php a Kampala suburb.

The tall rapper that was clad in a blue pair of jeans and army green vest answered all the questions enthusiastically opening up about her childhood, http://cem.edu.uy/components/com_k2/templates/default/category_item_links.php school life, music, controversy, dating and love.


CR: Who is Keko? (Personality)

Keko: Keko is a free spirit, loves music, family and God. I love being successful in life, so hardworking and I am a perfectionist. Oh, and I love my friends too, ha-ha.

CR: Tell us something about you that people do not know?

Keko: What people do not know about me is probably that I wear the longest shoe size for a girl. I do not even know what size it is. Probably a size 12. It is an unbelievable shoe size for a girl but I love it because it gives me enough stamina given the fact that I am tall. Oh, and the other thing people might not know is that I am the only child of my mother and my father.

CR: Tell us about what your life was before we got to know Keko, before you got into the Music industry.

Keko: My life before being Keko, the musician was pretty much just full of school and basketball. I used to be on the court a lot, playing basketball and all.

CR: Where did you go to school and what did you study?

Keko: I went to Rock View Primary School, Tororo for my primary level and for O’level, I went to St. Noa in Zana and for A’level, I went to Maryhill High School in Mbarara. I later joined Makerere University where I did a Bachelor of Commerce and majored in marketing.

CR: And did you graduate?

Keko: (Takes a minute to think) Ha-ha, I got the education and I have a pretty impressive CGPA so I am as good as graduated. Ha-ha. All I wanted was the skills and I got them.

CR: Tell us about your parents.

Keko: My mother is called Dorothy Ocholo, she is a Japadhola and my father is Alexander Opere, a JaLuo. I was however, born and raised in Uganda so I dont really consider myself JaLuo. Both my parents are Luo so it really makes no difference, I might as well be Luo.

CR: When did you start singing?

Keko: I started singing in nursery school and throughout school but it was just something I did for fun. I realized I could sing professionally at the university when I met a couple of producers like Just Jose and Benon. Whenever I had time, I would then go to various studios and worked with several producers from around 2007-2009. I wasnt releasing songs, it was just like bedroom recording at a friend’s bedroom studio.


CR: When did you start professional singing?

Keko: It was in 2010 when I met Benon Mugumbya, I had just done an MTN advert and he liked it. He asked me whether I wanted to record a serious song that can be promoted and I said yes. We recorded ‘Alwoo’, put it on the radio and it received good airplay. I met people who helped finance my career, did a couple of hits and as they say, the rest is history.

CR: Who inspired you to take on Hip-hop as a music genre?

Keko: I was going through that time in my life when I was trying to find out what I wanted to do and I loved watching hip-hop videos for the likes of Nas, Jay Z, Nelly, Drake, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many more. I also loved singing and writing songs so I decided to do both.

CR: Do you write your own songs?

Keko: Yeah, I write all my lyrics. I like to write my songs and I base on every day experiences. What we see and hear be it in a club, home or when out moving about is an inspiration. I write life stories because life itself is an inspiration.

CR: What was your first song?

Keko: My first official song was ‘Alwoo’. We put a lot of money in its audio and video making plus its promotion and it wasnt a bad place to start. Michael Ouma played guitar on the song so it was a good one.

CR: What challenges have you faced being a female rapper in Uganda?

Keko: Being female itself is a challenge. People do not take you seriously as a female rapper no matter how well you write or sing. In Uganda, the platform for female rappers is not that good so I hope I can change that. I look up to international successful female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azelea of late. Finances are also a problem, you need money to make and promote the audios and videos.

CR: How do you solve the finances challenge?

Keko: I have a record deal now. Thank God I do not have to worry about things like finding funds to shoot the videos or promote them.

CR: Tell us about your record deal?

Keko: My record deal is so amazing and fun. My music will now be promoted on a much bigger platform. I will be performing alongside Nicki Minaj in the Tribe One Festival and my official debut album is soon to be released so things are going ok. It is still in its baby stages anyways.

CR: Which song do you love most amongst your own?

Keko: Tough choice but I would go with my latest ‘Fly Solo’. I love all my songs though.

CR: What is your most memorable moment on stage?

Keko: My most memorable moment is when I performed at Channel O in 2011 with some of the biggest rappers in the continent, I also won an award, I presented an award and got two nominations that night. It was an amazing night and my all-time most memorable.

CR: Any embarrassing moment on stage?

Keko: Actually, I almost fell that night as I performed at Channel O. I was the first person to perform so I guess I was nervous a little. I was finishing a song and I almost tripped but thankfully, I did not.

CR: You have done collaborations with various artistes, what is your favorite?

Keko: I love ‘How We Do It (Remix)’ but I think I love ‘Make You Dance’ with Madtrax more. I love it more because of the story behind how we came to make it plus its video that was shot by Clarence Peters.

CR: What is your greatest achievement musically so far?

Keko: Being a female rapper is already an achievement. Having it as a career and being recognised not only in Uganda but also in the whole continent is a great achievement. I am living my life, as a female rapper.

CR: Which musicians would you love to do collaborations with?

Keko: There is Nicki Minaj, Tiwa Savage, D Banj and Ice Prince.

CR: What is your take on Hip-hop in Uganda?

Keko: It is actually progressing so fast. It is picking on because people can now rap in their local languages and it is cool. Before, people used to rap in only English.

CR: What is your take on the feuds in the Ugandan music industry?

Keko: Well, all I can say is that those people are maybe looking for cheap popularity. They think that being in the media is so cool and it makes them big. I mean, I have no beef with anyone so I don’t know. Maybe their problems are real.

keko 2

CR: How do you handle all that is written about you in the tabloids?

Keko: I no longer care so much what is written about me, it is all hearsay. I have heard and read in the papers that I fight and beat up people in club but that is all just rumor. I rarely even go to clubs but that is just showbiz.

CR: Talking about cheap popularity, what do you think of celebrities with leaked nude pictures on social media?

Keko: First of all, I hope no one has my nude pictures out there, ha-ha. I think people hate each other so much. It is people that were in a relationship and maybe after the love turns sour, the other disgruntled partner leaks the nudes. It is so not cool though. Those pictures are supposed to be personal. If you are mature, you cannot leak someone’s nudies even if you want to hurt their feelings so badly. Personally, I would never send any one my nude pictures no matter how much I trust them.

CR: Do you own any dresses?

Keko: Ha-ha, No. I don’t own any dresses. Maybe in the future, I will wear the dresses. I can only do it for video.

CR: And when you are going for a date?

Keko: Date? Come on, I would still look good in my pants and flat shoes. I never put on high heels. They are uncomfortable and I am tall enough.

CR: What is the secret behind the short hairdos you are always rocking? Don’t you like the long Brazilian weaves like the other girls do?

Keko: Ha-ha, I don’t like the long weaves because I don’t want to look like Beyonce, I am not Beyonce. I am me. I am comfortable with my short hair and Mohawk.

CR: Are you seeing (dating) anyone at the moment?

Keko: Sure. I am dating. I can’t say. But we have been dating for five months now. We are still honeymooning. We are so in love.

CR: What is your take on Love and marriage?

Keko: It is so nice to fall in love and finally marry. As long as it is what you want and you are happy. It is always good to settle down and have family. It is however, not a must for one to marry.

CR: Have you ever been heartbroken?

Keko: Oh yeah, I have been heartbroken before. I mean, we all had that puppy love back in school and we have all had our share of broken hearts. Nobody leaves me though, I always do the chucking ha-ha.

CR: Do you ever beef?

Keko: No, I don’t beef anyone but I have people beefing on me. People will always be jealousy of your achievements. You can tell by the way they behave around you and what they say behind your back. That is life though.

CR: How do you keep fit?

Keko: I actually do not work out at all; I don’t want to get muscles. I only play a lot of basketball and it keeps me in shape. I just watch what I eat, I no longer snack a lot. I went into food rehab so junk foods are out of my diet. I also eat no red meat, it is only white meat.

CR: And make up, do you like it?

Keko: Not really. I need foundation once in a while, on special occasions. I love lipstick though.

CR: Why are you always wearing shades?

Keko: It is because of my left eye. Too much light like stage lights kind of makes it blurry.

CR: Which audience do you target?

Keko: My music targets everybody. I do not only Ugandans or Africans but the whole world. That is why it is diverse so that everyone can relate to it.

CR: What do you have in store for your fans out there?

Keko: Well, I will be shooting a very beautiful Keko documentary about how I live my life and what I do. I told you before; this is how we do it so I want to show you how.

CR: Any last remarks for your fans out there.

Keko: I love my fans so much. Keep supporting Keko music. The dream is bigger than just us. Dream big and aspire to inspire.




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