KCCA Urges City Dwellers to Embrace Physical Planning

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has urged city dwellers to embrace the idea of physical planning since it facilitates order and economic development.

KCCA was carrying out public sensitization in Kawempe Division on the importance of planning in the development of Kampala city.

Macha Emmanuel, medicine the Physical Planner Central Division while speaking to the residents who gathered at Kalerwe shopping center explained that a properly planned city eases access to infrastructure and services.

“In addition, poor planning makes property such as land lose value. However politics has also derailed our efforts to enforce our policies. There’s a tendency of politicians wanting to please their supporters but end up sabotaging our programs,” he noted.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Kituma Rusoke who heads KCCA’s law enforcement team expressed concern over the gross defiance of the law by Ugandans. He pointed out that the police play a supporting role in cases where the public fails to comply to KCCA regulations.

“We understand that most often our actions as police are not admired by the public but you must know that it will cause development in the long term.”

While responding to complaints about enforcement officers who act unprofessionally, SSP Rusoke promised officers to penalize culprits. In a period of one and a half years, KCCA has fired 62 staff for non compliance.

Other issues raised during the meeting were; shop owners who rent out verandahs, demolition of structures without prior warning and reluctance of the Authority in making follow ups on building plans.

A number of people were concerned with KCCA’s policy on physical plans accusing authorities of favoring only the wealthy. They argued that it is increasingly becoming hard for the low income earners to develop their small plots of land.

However KCCA’s Building Inspector, Paul Musoke dismissed the claim saying that plans are approved as long as they meet the minimum requirements such as good ventilation, access and quality materials.

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