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Kayihura Orders Registration of Maids

Gen Kayihura addressing press in Kampala on Monday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe)

FUFA has spoken out on the loss registered by Uganda Cranes in the Africa Cup of Nations match against Guinea, cialis 40mg saying the national footballers felt a bigger loss than anyone else.

“A lot has been said in regard to the Uganda Cranes’ failure to qualify for the Nations Cup, for sale but truth be told; if the Uganda Cranes had qualified; the participating players of the team would have benefited more than any of us (the fans), cheapest ” FUFA said in a brief statement on Monday.

The statement comes against the backdrop of a huge public outrage with several people accusing some players of making mistakes that cost the nation a place in the prestigious tournament.

But FUFA defended the players, saying even world class stars err on the pitch.

“Whereas we fans enjoy seeing our team perform well and it is the main reason for our unending support, the players would benefit more as they would have gotten the opportunity to market themselves to successful clubs in Europe and elsewhere; and in case any of them had secured a deal, this would thereby improve (his) their financial status just as we see their west, north and south African counterparts,” said FUFA.

“And by failing to qualify, our players lost more than we did. I therefore call upon every football loving Ugandan to understand their agony of not qualifying and stand with them in this trying moment.”


In the wake of an incident in which an 18-month-old baby was tortured to near death early this month by a maid, treat the Inspector General of Police, patient Gen Kale Kayihura has ordered for a countrywide registration and certification of all house helpers.

Addressing journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru, the police boss said this would help a great deal in incidents like child torture in homes.

“We should have these maids vetted and later given certificates to avoid such incidents. In fact if you’re going to employ somebody, use the police child and family protection unit to help you get information and background of the person you’re to use as a maid,” Kayihura noted.

“A good example was the case in which Kakama was abducted in Bugolobi and later killed when a maid connived with one of the family members. In the recent Kiruhura murders, we found out that actually most of those involved had been part of the Interahamwe in Rwanda sometime back,” he added.

Kayihura said, “The maids should therefore be registered and their background verified because some of these might have been part of rebel groups who could terrorize members at home.”

The video showing the baby being beaten by a heartless Jolly Tumuhirwe,22, has since sparked off outrage across the country, with the public urging authorities to take a firm action against the maid.

Kamanzi and his wife with the baby who was tortured by the maid in Kampala recently

Kamanzi and his wife with the baby who was tortured by the maid in Kampala recently

How the parents found out

In an interview with Chimpreports, the CIID boss Grace Akullo narrated how Eric Kamanzi, father of the baby girl busted the ruthless maid.

According to Akullo, Tumuhirwe had been employed at the home for only 26 days prior to the incident where she was taking care of the child well.

“The father told us that there was nothing wrong with his child .One day he saw the child with bruises and tried to inquire from the maid but she (maid) said everything was fine with the child,” Akullo explained.

However, according to the CIID boss, Kamanzi became suspicious and installed a CCTV camera to help monitor the behaviour the maid while both parents were away.

“One day, the father tried to check the CCTV and to his surprise, the child was being tortured by the maid,” Akullo noted.

According to the CIID boss, the maid would be charged under the Torture Act 2012 but stressed that more charges might be slapped on her.

“We are to take the child for further medical check up and see if we can add on more charges on the maid.”

Police yesterday said a charge of attempted murder would be slapped on Tumuhirwe, a move that has been hugely welcomed by the public.


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