Kayihura Flies Back to Rwenzori as Tribal Clash Death Toll Rises

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has rushed back to the Rwenzori region to beef up security and investigate the deadly tribal attacks that broke out early this week in Bundibugyo district.

By Wednesday evening, cheapest eight people had been confirmed dead and five others severely injured following the tribal clashes between Bamba and Bakonzo in Bundibugyo district.

According to the Police spokesperson for Rwenzori Lydia Tumushabe, more about five more people were killed Wednesday night at around 12:30am in areas of Kanyansiri trading center, Kihanda village in Bukonjo sub county and Buguha trading center in Ntontoro sub county.

Tumushabe identified some of the deceased as Mulamba Muteke 30, and Robert Bwambale 25, of Bukonjo Sub County who was slaughtered on his way home.

She said, “The other three include the attackers who have not been identified. The trio was shot dead by security after they attempted to fight the police and grab guns from them.”

Tumushabe said, “The killed attackers and others at large were putting on face masks so as not to be recognized by people.”

The police mouthpiece said the attackers seemed well trained and possessed army skills to attack and fight security.

She said, “As security we have ruled out these attacks being tribal and linked to post election going by the manner in which the Bakonzo youths are applying their skills to fight the security. Majority of the killed are Bamba and attackers are Bakonzo”.

According to the publicist, over 60 suspected attackers have been netted and detained at Bundibugyo police station.

She said that the IGP Gen.Kale Kayihura has landed in Bundibugyo to meet the security personnel and investigate the matter. He will first visit the affected areas before meeting the security.


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