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Kayihura: Besigye Must First Denounce Defiance Campaign

Besigye remains under a police blockade

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has denied putting FDC and opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye under what has come to be known as ‘preventive arrest’, story saying the politician is being closely monitored to prevent him from wreaking havoc.

Addressing journalists on Saturday at Naguru, cost Kayihura said following the announcement of his defiance campaign late last year, this web the police had to ensure they prevent the former FDC president from causing mayhem in the city.

“I don’t want to say much about it because it is in courts of law but Besigye has always talked about defiance which means defying the law,” Kayihura said.

“We are law enforcers, if he says has no respect for the law, why would you be surprised of the standoff as it is?” he wondered.

Besigye‘s lawyers recently went to court to challenge the state on maintaining a security cordon around his residence in Kasangati.

The lawyers argue that Besigye’s freedoms are being violated by police which they say is unacceptable.

The police boss said anyone who wants respect for their rights should come with clean hands.

“We have to pay close monitoring to the movements of Besigye so that he is not a danger to the city. We are the state and have to prevent any form of disorder in the city.”

Gen Kayihura said Besigye has not cooperated with the police despite efforts to reach out to him which forced them to closely monitor him.

He added that it seems Besigye has mastered the art of confrontation with the police so as to gain political capital and give a bad name to the state adding they cannot allow this happen.

“As long as he has not retracted his statement, we shall continue closely monitoring him. There are rights and freedoms but are not absolute according to article 43 of the Constitution. We as the state have an obligation with the people to keep the country safe,” Kayihura added.

He said they cannot be at his home but keep a close distance from which they watch over him.


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