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Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was overwhelmed by the massive crowds that welcomed him in Arua Town on Monday as he began his Northern Uganda campaign tour, clinic Chimp Corps report.

“I have never seen such a huge crowd before. I am humbled and grateful that you came here today, unhealthy ” said Mbabazi, acknowledging the presence of thousands of urban youth at his rally.

He added: “I have been NRM Secretary General for a very long time (decade) I have organised rallies for 30 years and in all those years I have never seen a rally this big. Thank you once again for coming.”

Mbabazi had planned to visit Northern Uganda during his consultation meetings for presidency.

However, Police insisted that the meetings should be held in confined places to avoid disrupting businesses and flow of traffic.

Mbabazi decided to cancel his tours. Last week, he also made changes in his program, postponing the Northern Uganda campaigns.

Mbabazi addressing supporters at the rally

Mbabazi addressing supporters at the rally

It was thought that Mbabazi was reluctant to visit the north due to lack of a strong base there.

But yesterday’s crowds affirmed that many in the north are interested in listening to the presidential candidate’s campaign message.

“I am here today to ask for your vote as a transitional leader. I know that you want change, a positive kind of change,” he told the people.

The former Prime Minister said he respects the law which limits him to hold campaigns up to 6:00pm before summarising his message.

He promised to contribute to the history of Uganda by ensuring and safeguarding a peaceful transition and fighting corruption.


“I know in West Nile one of our biggest problems has been Electricity. My government will provide that for you as well as ensure efficiency and service delivery,” he added.

The NRA historical said he would do more in eliminating trade barriers to promote cross border trade.

“It is essential for trade that restrictions between cross-border trade are reduced. We will do all we can to make trade efficient,” said Mbabazi.

Fans identifying with the 'Go Forward' political symbol

Fans identifying with the ‘Go Forward’ political symbol

He said with the “solar power grid option that we are proposing for all citizens, you would be able to sell to the national grid any excess power generated from your rooftop. It would become an income source for you.”

The former Security and Defence Minister further said the state of the Health Centers 3 and 4 will be tackled to ensure more efficient medical services at Sub county and division level.

“Unemployment and maternal health are high on our agenda for West Nile as well as the issue of pensions. Why should pensioners not be paid? I know it is a sticky issue here in West Nile and we shall tackle it decisively,” he promised.

President Museveni recently said the veterans’ pensions could not be paid in time due to inadequate resources and decision to prioritise key areas such as strengthening national defence and security structures and building tarmac roads.
The Inspector General of Police, there Gen Kale Kayihura has instructed the Directorate of CID in partnership with the Professional Standards Unit to jointly conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the alleged murder of Betty Katushabe Donna, sales who was allegedly tortured to death by car dealer Mohammed Ssebuwufu and others.

Officials said this new development follows complaints of serious manipulations and irregularities during the course of investigation; and a breach in procedure where the DPC CPS Kampala, buy ASP Aron Baguma, was to be charged even without recording a statement and his defence investigated.

Police publicist Fred Enanga said the DPC is the one who protected the investigation, after it had been registered as a mob justice and alerted the IGP of an inner circle that was threatening to destroy the case.

“It was through his intervention that the case file was better managed by the Regional Police at Kampala Metropolitan South Head quarters, who upon doing a commendable job had the principal culprits arraigned before court for the murder of Katushabe,” said Enanga.

“It is against this background that the DPC appears to be victimised that calls for a comprehensive and thorough investigation over his probable role, against acts of professional misconduct by other officers. His arrest is therefore, pending outcome of the investigative final report,” he added.

The death of Katushabe exposed the racket of corrupt and dangerous cops at Central Police Station who expressed willingness to kill the widely-publicised case.

Katusabe, a customer at Pine car dealers just near CPS was beaten to death by thugs on orders of Ssebuufu whom she reportedly owed some money.

Enanga said to ensure justice for all, parties including both the family of the late Katushabe and the suspects, the police have received many responses from the public.

“The investigators are as such probing deeper to establish whether the police did everything within their powers to save the deceased or not, as well as review the circumstances surrounding her death,” said Enanga.

“They have so far spoken with numerous business owners, witnesses, and analysed cellular data, which will provide us with information that will bring the terrible tragedy to a close. Therefore, any officers who could have participated in any evidence of wrongdoing will be exposed and charged.”

The investigators are working alongside the DPP to ensure further evidence is carefully evaluated, to give opportunity to correcting errors, through the knowledge of actual facts.

Enanga assured that police will continue protecting the integrity of the case, through specific updates in a timely manner without jeopardising the investigation.

“Remember it is our sworn duty to uphold the law and seek justice in every case regardless of popular opinion or public controversy.”


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