Kamya Orders Vendors Off The Streets

Minister Betty Kamya speaking to press at the Uganda Media Center

The Minister in Charge of Kampala Hon Betty Kamya has Thursday directed all the street vendors in the city to get off the streets with immediate effect.

The minister expressed concern today that following last week’s tragedy in which a vendor was chased to her death by KCCA enforcement officers, fellow vendors took advantage of the public outcry to spread all over the streets once again.

Olivia Basemera jumped and drowned in a city waste channel as she fled from the KCCA enforcers.

The enforcers were arrested by the police.

 Minister Kamya told the media, that the incident, while regrettable, doesn’t take away the fact that vendors are still not welcome on city streets.

She said the laws and regulations of street vendors are still at play and that anyone that breaks them will be penalized.

“We are very sorry for such a tragedy to happen to a young woman, but Kampala Capital City Authority work must continue,” Minister Kamya said.

 “I have been informed that vendors are back on the streets since the incident happened. This shouldn’t be a reason to break the law.”

Minister Kamya also revealed that early next week, there will be a meeting between her and the vendors to find ways of streamlining their work.

Government procured places like USAFI Market to minimize the number of street vendors, but these have been rejected due to poor accessibility and slow business.

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