Kamuntu Roots for Commercial Farming

Dairy cattle under zero grazing

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the NRM Government is committed totally to the supervision of the poverty eradication drive in the country.

The President made the remarks yesterday at the Jinja district headquarters where he addressed a gathering of market vendors and other stakeholders shortly after commissioning the new Jinja market that cost Shs. 28 billion. The venture was funded by the African Development Bank (ADF).

President Museveni told the excited crowd that the market was built with the aim of facilitating all the vendors that operated from the market without discrimination. He allayed fears of some vendors being denied the infrastructure that was built to facilitate them in their efforts to eradicate poverty.

Mr. Museveni said the NRM government had paid its debt by building the market. He revealed that the Government has been providing wananchi with operational capital facilities through NAADS and other channels but that they did not benefit because of corruption. He informed them that he decided to disband NAADS because it had become a den of thieves.

The President informed the gathering that he decided to assign UPDF officers the role of distributing seeds and breeding materials as part of the efforts by government to ensure achieving the goal of eradicating poverty.

He was pleased that people in villages have already benefited from the Government efforts. He said that more funds have been provided towards the distribution of more coffee seedlings in the area adding that the next target was to facilitate the urban poor.

He said the construction of the markets in different parts of the country was designed to address the issue of the urban poor.

Talking specifically about the Jinja market facility Mr. Museveni expressed his appreciation on the quality of the market.

He assured the people that NRM Government would systematically build the roads within Jinja Municipality. He was also pleased to inform them that the construction of the Jinja-Kamuli road would soon be accomplished.

The Minister of Local Government, page Mr. Adolf Mwesige, saluted the President for facilitating the construction of the market.

He revealed that the 3, 920 vendors, who previously operated from the old facility, would be returned to the reconstructed market at no cost.

He commended him for enabling the urban poor to use the markets as part of the measures to ensure employment.

The African Development Bank Representative, Mr. Dawit Gebremedhin, disclosed that the Bank has provided US$94 million for the markets projects in Uganda.

He said it was part of ADB’s support to the efforts of the Government of Uganda to expand the infrastructure. He said that ADB was also supporting the Government in the Education and Health sectors.

treat geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Prof Mukesh Kapila is the Special Representative of the Aegis Trust for the prevention of crimes against humanity and was head of the UN in Sudan in 2003, medicine when the escalation of the conflict in Darfur first caught international attention

 Within a year of taking the post, drug Mukesh would publicly declare the Sudanese Government guilty of ethnic cleansing in Darfur.



In East Africa this September – at Makerere University in Kampala and the Storymoja Book Festival in Nairobi – the whistleblower who first brought Darfur to global attention will speak publicly about his memoirs, ‘Against A Tide of Evil’; a no-holds-barred insider account of a crisis that still keeps rolling.



“We knew from day one what was going on,” Kapila says in a short film introducing the book.



“Hardly a day would go by without an e-mail report being sent to [UN Headquarters in] New York detailing the latest incident – including time, place, and very often we even knew which army unit was responsible. The reaction from New York – there was no reaction. It is as if the reports disappeared into a black hole.”



Now Special Representative on Crimes against Humanity for the Aegis Trust – the genocide prevention organization responsible for the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda – this year Kapila revisited the Darfur frontier and travelled 1,000km through Sudan’s forgotten war zones in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State.



Hundreds of thousands of people in the two areas, bombed out of their villages and farms, have been cut off from international humanitarian relief since the outbreak of hostilities between the Sudanese Government and opposition groups in June 2011.



“Omar Bashir is using the same tactics of systematic ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile that I witnessed in Darfur ten years ago,” says Kapila.



“The suffering of people with no access to aid has reached desperate levels, and the international community’s failure to ensure relief is completing the work started by Sudanese Government bombs and bullets.”



Mukesh Kapila, who is also Professor of Humanitarian Affairs at the University of Manchester in the UK, is now leading the Aegis Trust’s campaign for a global parliamentary network to hold decision-makers to account for their actions on mass atrocities.



“Not a single diplomat has been brought to account for the failure to act; in fact, many of them were promoted,” he says.



“When those who are in charge of institutions charged with the responsibility to prevent and protect fail in that duty and there is no accountability for it, then Darfur will happen again and again and again.”



Bashir is wanted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur.

 One of the organizers of the event, told Chimpreports: “I found him to be a most inspiring man with worthy insights gained from long years of working in areas of armed conflict and humanitarian intervention.”
This year seems to be unfolding only good things in the direction of songbird, tadalafil Iryn Namubiru as it is now official that she is set to appear on BBC World TV and BBC Africa in an exclusive interview scheduled for December 5th this year at 6:00 pm GMT.

In the same year, viagra Irene has had her song used as a sound track for Bollywood, treat Ugandan blockbuster, Luzira: Escape from Uganda and has also made a number of hits including Temperature that has been rocking Ugandan airwaves of late.

Speaking to our ChimpCorp, Bruno Agababyona at the premiere of Luzira at Kampala Serena Hotel, a fortnight ago, the singer disclosed that 2014 has been the most mind-blowing year of her entire musical career.

Irene who is currently in Paris with family is slated to appear on the Queen’s TV during her upcoming two day tour of the UK when she will be expected to perform at The Royal Regency Hall in London in the highly billed Grajoh End of Year Concert on December 6th.

Iryn now joins the list of the few Ugandan artists including Anne Kansiime, Eddy Kenzo and Irene Ntale that have appeared on the highly ranked London based worldwide TV network.

Her appearance has been made possible by UK based Canadian entertainment mogul, Johnson Mujungu of Grajoh Talent Management and Public Relations, who is also behind her UK tour.

Iryn is undoubtedly one of the most musically successful female Ugandan artists of the last decade and she will be performing alongside a galaxy of stars including Team No Sleep stunner, Sheebah Karungi.

Temperature by Iryn Namubiru
By Job Namanya Apuuli

The minister for water and environment, order Prof Ephraim Kamuntu has urged Ugandans to commercialize agriculture so as to fortify their income.

He noted that most people are crying of poverty and famine in their families due to lack of knowledge on how to exploit the little land they own.

Prof. Kamuntu said this yesterday during the launch of the Bugongi Water Scheme which cost the government over shs 1 billion.

Kamuntu further cautioned area leaders to be very observant so that contractors do not do shoddy work saying that their people are the main beneficiaries of the project.

Speaking at the same function, Sheema Resident District Commissioner, Willy Turyamubona urged the residents to improve on their sanitation and desist from politicizing government projects arguing that they are intended to benefit the entire population.


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