Kagonyera: History Studies Must be Made Compulsory

Makerere Chancellor Prof Mondo Kagonyera speaking at a recent function at the University

As president Museveni and government continue to underscore the need to streamline teaching of science subjects in the country, calls have now emerged at Makerere to have some arts subjects made compulsory.

While Museveni recently branded as “useless” humanity subjects; the biggest learning institution’s leadership today alluded that some arts ought to be mandatory for all school-going Ugandans.

Makerere University Chancellor Prof Mondo Kagonyera said Tuesday that time had come for all Ugandans to start learning as a must about the history of their country.

Kagonyera was speaking at a memorial service held by Uganda police for the late Col Wilson Oryema Erinayo,  the first indigenous Police IGP, at Makerere University.

Col Oryema, also a former cabinet minister, was murdered callously by the high handed Idi Amin regime in February 1977 along with Archbishop Janan Luwum.

The professor expressed shock that memories of such gallant individuals who paid with their lives as the country waded through turbulent post-independence regimes, had vanished especially amongst Ugandan youths today.

“I recently asked a young woman whether she knew who Col Oryem was and she said she didn’t. She also said she had ‘heard something’ about Archbishop Janan Luwum,” noted Kagonyera.

Kagonyera observed that it was despicable for Ugandans to have only casual knowledge about the people on whose blood the country has been founded.

“It is high time that History of Uganda became a compulsory subject in all schools,” he said.

“Every Ugandan ought to have some rudimentary knowledge about what their country has been through.”

President Museveni recently sparked an uproar when he reportedly said humanity courses were useless as students from such courses would barely solve a national problem.



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