Kagame to Police Chiefs: Focus on Quality

President Kagame in a group photo with police chiefs at the new Police headquarters

President Paul Kagame has challenged Rwanda National Police (RNP) to aim for ‘quality’ service delivery, price Chimp Corps report.

Kagame made the remarks Wednesday while addressing the supreme organ of Police High Council graced by 300 senior officers.

The Head of State praised the force for the policing work they do for the good of Rwandans and the country in general.

He noted that for a Police officer to fulfill his or her duties diligently, more about they must be guided by the will, cheap training and professionalism, all which ultimately produce quality outcome.

The President urged the officers to always give value to what they do adding that it shouldn’t be how big or the physical presence of the force, but rather what the numbers can deliver.

The glamorous police headquarters in Kacyiru, Kigali

The glamorous police headquarters in Kacyiru, Kigali

“We can have numbers but we can’t compensate quality,” President Kagame said.

He went on to say that the realistic part of it is to identify the problem at hand as means to address it to “ensure security, safety and making sure that we have a stable environment.”

“The discipline of the force, the ideology that clearly drives the force, the service you render… in most cases this is the most difficult part but it could also be the simplest,” he said.

He reminded them to be just and “make sure that justice prevails.”

Kagame touring Rwanda Police headquarters

Kagame touring Rwanda Police headquarters

In his guidance, Kagame also hinted on various issues that include cooperation, fighting corruption, human trafficking, child protection, among others issues related to crime prevention.

“Our country survives and thrives on how well we are able to put all these into account and how we practice what we say and preach,” the Head of State said.

“The puzzle is how you create so much value from almost nothing and yet, we must because we have and should be ambitious. Our Police force should always be guided by thinking, keep going forward and minimizing those things that can hinder progress.  This nation needs to be done proud by every individual and collectively so that we get rid of the things that undermine our ambition.”

He urged them to pride themselves in the policing work they do and do their duty as best as they can.

Top cops listening to Kagame's address

Top cops listening to Kagame’s address

The Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel K. Gasana thanked the Head of State for the continued strategic guidance and support, which continues to drive the force further.

The council meeting was also attended by the ministers, Musa Fazil Harerimana of Internal Security, Gen. James Kabarebe of Defence, Louis Mushikiwabo of Foreign Affairs, Jean Philbert Nsengimana of Youth and ICT, Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba, Secretary General of NISS, Brig Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita and the Commissioner General of RCS, Brig. Gen George Rwigamba, among others.

Earlier on, the Head of State inaugurated the newly constructed Rwanda National Police (RNP) General headquarters building in Kacyiru as the force continues to reinforce its infrastructure development programme, as one of its priority areas.

The four-storied building valued at over Rwf4.5 billion was built in one-and-half years with about 30 percent of the construction materials made in Rwanda.

It boosts of about 100 offices that accommodate more than 200 officers and a 340-seater conference hall, among others.

It also has a waste treatment plant with the water used for irrigation while the tapped and stored water used for fire-fighting.


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