Kagame Rallies RPF Stronghold of Burera

Kagame being welcomed by thousands of supporters in Northern Rwanda

The RPF Chairman and Presidential candidate, President Paul Kagame on Monday took his campaign to Burera District, rallying masses to support him in the upcoming polls.

Kagame said the ruling RPF Inkotanyi has a record on delivering on promises made to the people.

He was speaking at his first stop of the day as he continued to woo supporters in Northern Province as part of the ongoing presidential campaigns ahead of the presidential elections slated for August 4.

Burera is seen as an RPF stronghold as Kagame and his top commanders used the area as one of their bases during the guerrilla war that eventually brought Kagame to power in 1994.

“We mean what we promise to the people and we have a record. When we come here and make promises, it means we shall deliver because RPF Inkotanyi is known for this,” said the Chairman, addressing over 150,000 residents of Burera.

He said that Burera has a historical bond with the RPF Inkotanyi dating back during the liberation struggle in 1990-94.

“We lived here, we fought from here, and we won. This is the time to build the nation and I am confident we shall get there because we are with you in this,” he said.

“We have everything in place to move our country forward. You are there, I am here, the RPF Inkotanyi is there together with other political parties,” he added.

Prior to his nomination by RPF, Kagame was endorsed by eight opposition political parties to lead the country for the next seven years by backing him as their own preferred candidate.

Kagame said that the political organisations made this choice is testament of the unity of purpose that Rwandans chose to move the country farthest and faster.

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