Kadaga Wants Justice for Muslim Suspects in Kawesi Murder

Speaker Kadaga addressing Muslim parliamentarians at the Iftar dinner at Parliament

The Speaker of Parliament, doctor Rebecca Kadaga appealed for justice for the majority Muslims arrested and detained for the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Speaking during the 5th Iftar Dinner held for the Muslims during the fasting month of Ramadhan, cure Kadaga noted that not all Muslims committed the brutal murder of the former police boss and his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and the driver Godfrey Wamewo in March this year or assassinated sheiks.

“I can understand the unease of the Muslim Community as they have been in the spotlight as a result of these incidents. The Parliament of Uganda has been unequivocal in condemning these criminal and heinous activities, sick ” said Kadaga,

The dinner took place at Parliament Building on Friday.

Over two dozen suspects for the murder of Kaweesi are mostly Muslims.

“Justice should be done; we do not believe that all Muslims are killers. We must continue to maintain trust and confidence in our agencies to bring these crimes to an end,” she said adding that there are extremist groups with geopolitical objectives and have nothing to do with Muslims here who share the national aspirations.

Kadaga urged Muslims to remain solid and together since the targeted killing of their sheiks is because of their strength.

“We embrace the spirit of peace, unity, giving and prayer at this Iftar Dinner, as we also reflect on those who struggle amidst war in many parts of the world, and for food and shelter, here in Uganda and around the globe,” Kadaga said.


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