Kadaga Visits Victoria Campus; Roots for Technology Ministry

President Museveni has criticized the opposition for being ungrateful and under looking NRM’s efforts to set a foundation for Uganda’s transformation over the years and instead resorting to criticism.

The President noted that prioritization has been an enabler for other programs soon to be rolled out as the party’s next manifesto looks to elevate the economy to middle class status.

He highlighted peace and security, information pills immunization, education and ICT as being the very cores for development of any country.

The NRM party chairman and flag bearer for the 2016 Presidential elections relayed this during the official launch of the NRM manifesto on Friday at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

He borrowed the analogy of a growing child to deliver his message, noting that transformation of Uganda is a process that involves several stages.

“I hear these people (opposition) say ‘we can’t eat security.’ But am glad they acknowledge that. In countries like Somalia, Iraq and Yemen people are not even safe to begin talking about development” added Museveni who was escorted by the VP Edward Sekandi, party secretary General, Justine Lumumba, Premier Ruhakana Rugunda among others.

“You can’t expect the child go to school when they are still crawling. We can’t achieve everything at a go but we can do it through identifying our priorities. By following these stages, we are going forward”

The President stressed that there must be an established foundation before the unfinished things are dealt with.

He took a swipe on the opposition claiming that they have a wrong ideology which will endanger Uganda’s interests.

“Our NRM ideology is rooted in patriotism and Pan Africanism. Those who don’t understand that will endanger our interests. Uganda can best solve its problems as a whole instead of sectarianism and tribalism.”

Museveni urged party leaders to rethink NRM’s organization strategy basing on community participation like was the case during the Luweero struggle that brought NRA turned NRM to power. Much as he admitted that NRM is currently faced with an organizational crisis, he made a commitment that the party will perfect eliminate the existing ‘weevil’.
The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has hailed the role of technology and innovations as a way of reducing the high rates of unemployment among young people in Uganda.

Kadaga said that there’s need for government to give more support to young people who create technological innovations to solve the existing problems in the country.

She was on Saturday speaking at a gathering that brought together social innovators who have created and influenced change in their society.

The seminar held at Victoria University Kampala was themed “Social and Business Transformation through Innovation and technology”.

“To address the issue of unemployment we need such meaningful forums that bring together young people whose focus is creating solutions that tackle problems facing us within our communities, viagra sale ” she said.

“If you ask me, view these are the real Ugandans patriots who should be supported by the government and the private sector to empower other youth in Uganda, ” added Kadaga.

The Speaker pointed out the need for a separate Ministry for Science and Innovations so that more significant attention and contribution is given to boost the sector by government.

The Social Innovations Africa seminar aims at fostering innovation among the youth on social problems and to bring about changes they wish to see in Uganda.

The initiative by Hedge Marketing offers sustainable innovative and technological support to budding and established elite innovators by bringing together social entrepreneurs to share skills.

“The average person today requires more than their pocket can offer because the high cost of doing business which in turn makes outreach to lesser privileged fail to access means to curb their social differences,” said Frank Nyakahuma, the CEO Hedge Marketing.

He went on to say that the event sought to bridge the gap between money and brains by bringing in the right mentors to help the youth discover possibilities and connections.

Some of the social entrepreneurs that participated at this seminar included; John Mark Bwanika the Director of the Medical Concirge Group, Esther Kalenzi the founder of 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation and Richard Zulu the CEO Outbox among others.


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