Kadaga Distraught by Delayed Minimum Wage

Jinja Road Police are holding 40-year-old Scheelle James Rainer for knocking and damaging President Museveni’s   armoured Pullman Guard Mercedes Benz car on Friday morning along Bugolobi-Luzira road.

The Canadian confessed being in wrong when he was interrogated by detectives, visit a source told Chimpreports Saturday afternoon.

The incident occurred at around 8:00am as the expensive sleek car was being driven by presidential escorts to Mbuya barracks for refuelling.

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The car was slightly damaged on the left side by Rainer who was driving a Super Custom brand car.

President Museveni was not in the car during the accident that sent shockwaves across the nation.

Rainer explained to police that at the time of the accident, approved “I was in a hurry.”

On examination, police also confirmed the foreigner was sober.

The Canadian recorded a statement under TAR/985/2014 at the police station awaiting possible charges of reckless driving.

Special Forces Command spokesperson, Maj Chris Magezi, said police will continue to investigate circumstances under which the accident occurred.

He further said the president’s car “got a minor damage.”

The S600 Pullman Guard comes with Mercedes’ so-called “Highest Protection” safety package, which means that it is engineered to resistance level B6/B7 against military-standard small-arms projectiles, hand grenades and other explosive charges.

Museveni first appeared in this car during the 2012 Independence Celebrations at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

It is understood Museveni ordered for a new car following an incident in 2010 in which one of his Land Cruiser brand cars caught fire.

The President was travelling for a function in Mbarara when his armoured Land Cruiser suddenly started burning at Ruharo.

It later emerged that the car was of poor quality not befitting the stature of a Head of State.
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has expressed discontent at the pace with which her parliament has handled enactment of the Minimum Wage Bill 2013.

The law which seeks to establish a minimum hourly pay for all workers in the country is stuck at draft level close to two years down the road.

The Private Members Bill was birthed by Workers Minister Hon Aninaitwe Stephen Rwakajara, site and supported by MPs Paul Mwiru and James Bahimba.

Kadaga told journalists in Kampala last Friday that the delayed enactment of the law was much to the detriment of many workers in the country.

“Too much time has elapsed; I don’t know what’s taking (the authors) so long. We cannot keep with this situation of people working for as low as Sh 20, see 000 a month yet under harsh working conditions, unhealthy ” she told reporters.

The speaker says since February last year when the Bill was introduced, Minister Arinaitwe is yet to show progress.

I have given the minister 30 days to present the Certificate of Financial Implication for the law to be debated and enacted.

Uganda is the only country in East Africa without a minimum wage, and still operates under the 1987 establishment of shs 6000 a month.

A Minimum Wage Advisory Council of 1995 recommended a minimum pay of Sh 75,000 for unskilled workers.

Failure to cooperate, the new Bill proposes a Sh 10 million fine to be paid by employers as compensation to their workers.

A disappointed Kadaga said that government had a responsibility of honoring international treaties which underscore workers’ rights.

“Recently I was attending a forum in South Africa and it turned out that Uganda is one of the countries under the African Union which have ratified the least number of international treaties with about 22 pending.


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