Kabale University Dragged to Court Over Honorary Degrees

Minister Philemon Mateke being awarded an honorary degree by Kabale University Chancellor Prof Mondo Kagonyera in June

Two people have sued Kabale University before the Kabale High Court for awarding honorary doctorates  and teaching courses that are not accredited by the National Council for Higher Education.

Kennedy Rwaboona Misindo and William Kururagire, in their plaint filed at the High Court on 23rd August 2017 accuse the University of breaching of the laws governing public universities to award honorary doctorate degrees to James Musinguzi Garuga, Peter Ndindirwe Mugyenyi, Festo Karwemera and Minister Philemon Mateke without accreditation from NCHE.

These through their lawyers of Ahimbisibwe and Agaba Company Advocates, also accuse the university of teaching and admitting students on courses like Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Master of Medicine, Pediatrics and Child Health, Bachelors of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Masters of Public Health, as well as Bachelors of Environmental Health Science, without the accreditation from the National Council of Higher Education.

 “The teaching courses and awarding degrees of which it is not accredited to conduct awards by the NCHE it is illegal, unlawful and in total breach of the law,” the plaintiffs allege.

These want a high court declaration that the honorary degrees awarded by the university on the 24th June 2017 were null and void, and that the teaching and conducting of courses not accredited by NCHE is unlawful and in breach of statutory laws.

The two asked court to place a Permanent injunction prohibiting the university from further teaching and awarding degrees and diplomas which are not accredited.

They also want an order for certiorari quashing the honorary degrees awarded to the four people.

Canon Johnson Baryantuma Munono the Kabale university secretary when contacted on the court case said there was nothing to worry about, adding that this wasn’t the first time they are being sued.

“We are not scared we are ready to handle the case,” he said. “It’s not a big problem to the university; we shall meet them in court.”

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