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Kabale Teacher Remanded for Assaulting Student

The South African High Commission in Uganda which travellers say “has the worst visa processing in the entire world” has now come under scrutiny and condemnation by Parliament, remedy treatment Chimp Corps report.

The Speaker of Parliament, buy information pills Rebecca Kadaga, this lawmakers and human rights activists have since expressed disappointment with the treatment meted out by the South African Government on Ugandans seeking visas.

In her Communication from the Chair at the commencement of the Sitting of Parliament after a three weeks recess his week, Kadaga said a number of Ugandans are treated unfairly at the South African Embassy where they have to go as early as 3.00a.m and are in most cases denied visas.

The Speaker added that even Ugandans who are just transiting through the South African airports are also required to acquire visas which is unfair since one is not leaving the airport premises.

“It is unnecessary to treat Ugandans in this way. Even when you are transiting and sitting at the airport in South Africa, you need a visa. This is not fair,” Kadaga said.

A one Rachael who was frustrated by the High Commission recently expressed her fury: “Why do you treat us like that? Please note that we (applicants) contribute to the growth of your economy when we visit your country. It should be noted that some of us don’t even chose to come voluntarily to South Africa but rather our work commitments force us to visit your country.”

She added: “It should be also noted that you are also plying your trade from our country and we are very hospitable. This is the very reason as to why African countries never develop because we are mean to our own very people. You can never find such stringent measures being applied by Europeans amongst themselves because they hinder growth and development.”

Another traveller known as Anne observed: “For example why should a person transiting through SA be given that much headache? Are you really thinking about what this could mean economically for your country? In fact despite all the problems with KQ, IF, KQ could just begin operating in the region, or if another airline came in, your already struggling airline could go down!!Be wise!!!! Honestly, You can take strict measures without being out rightly hostile.”

Geoffrey K was explicit: “It is hell at the RSA embassy with VISA applications- I was told to report there as early as 6 am. I did so next day but found people already there waiting in their cars and when I registered in the book I was number 18.”

“At 8.30 am there was crowd already and we were told to line up outside the gate. Meanwhile the guards there are so arrogant, the place is full people with all sorts of complaints ranging from missed travels and meetings to delayed passports for those picking. Others were desperate demanding for their passports back!! I think something needs to be sorted out.”

However, embassy officials say travellers including Ugandans do not usually travel with all the necessary documents needed for a visa and that others hope to get the travel clearance papers in a very short period of time.

“What people need to know is that any country needs to know who is entering their country. That is why you need to be ready to wait for your VISA with the given time. Dear Ugandans just make sure that you have got all the need documentation and the VISA is there for you,” said an official.

Observers say government needs to take a firm stance against the mistreatment of Ugandans at the South African Embassy.

Uganda used its own resources to train and provide a safe haven for Africa National Congress (ANC) fighters and activists in the 1980s and 1990s who would later put an end to the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

The fighters were trained in Kaweweta, Ngoma in Luwero district, a base formerly used by NRA during the guerrilla war in the early 80s.

The training was overseen by then NRA war hero, Maj Gen Fred Rwigyema.

Parliament fury

Kadaga this week wondered why the South Africans do not reciprocate the goodwill of Uganda where they get their visas on entry at Entebbe Airport.

“They should take note of Uganda’s contribution to the South African liberation struggle. We have many of their businesses here. They should treat our people with dignity, “she urged.

The Speaker called on the Ugandan Government to intervene in this situation so that people can travel easily.

She also urged government address, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the high fees charged by other governments for the use of the VIP Lounges at their airports; yet they enjoy a free service at Entebbe International Airport.

“We are charged about 1000 pounds for the use of a VIP terminal for just two hours. Government must come out to explain this situation,” she said.
Kabale Grade one Magistrate’s Court yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) remanded a History teacher of Kabale Secondary school to Ndorwa Government Prison for allegedly assaulting a senior four candidate .

Court presided over by His Worship Martins Kirya heard that on October 18th, and while at the school during prep time, clinic Frank Batabaaro assaulted Faridah Gasaatura in violation of the Penal Code Act.

It is alleged that Batabaaro assaulted the victim after trying and failing to remove a cap from Gasaatura’s head which he said violated the library regulations.

The victim is reported to have explained to the teacher that she was wearing the cap because she had a health complications.

After being assaulted, the victim is reported to have developed a more serious sickness, admitted at Dr. Muhunde’s Clinic in Kabale Town and later referred to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, psychiatric department after developing a serious mental complication.

This is said to have caused the victim to miss her UCE Biology theory exam.

This incident caused students to stage a strike that was also reported by this website three weeks ago and a total of 1150 of them were eventually sent home as a result.

Batabaaro however pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His worship, Kirya remanded Batabaaro until November 26th when the case will be brought up for further mention.

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