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Kabale Residents Alarmed by Rampant Theft

Singer Desire Luzinda has revealed her jilted boyfriend Franklin threatened to harm her, drug ChimpLyf reports.

In an interview with NTV this week, Luzinda said Franklin lost his cool after it emerged that he had forged a passport to travel and live in Uganda.

“When the passport issues came out, he (Franklin) thought were the ones who leaked them. I felt so scared because he was calling everybody including my sister that he would do something,” said Luzinda.

She added:”I felt threatened. I was feeling scared. He did a lot of threatening. So I decided to break the communication with him (Franklin).”

The development comes at a time when police investigations are in high gear to establish how Franklin eluded security at immigration services to travel in and out of Uganda unnoticed.

Deputy CIID boss Godfrey Musana tells ChimpLyf that investigations are in final stages to establish how the Nigerian lover got a Ugandan passport.

“If all is finished, we shall apply for an arrest warrant from Interpol so that he is apprehended and brought back to Uganda to answer all the charges,” Musana explains.

Franklin is also investigated by police for leaking Luzinda’s nude photos on the internet.

In the interview, Luzinda says she was betrayed by Franklin and that he was shocked when her photos, in which she is seen touching her private parts, were published on social media.

The photos touched off a huge public debate with most Ugandans condemning Franklin’s breach of trust.

Conservatives slammed Luzinda for letting down young and prospective musicians who looked up to her as their role model.

She has since apologised to the nation for the scandal.
A section of residents of Bubaare Parish in Bubaare Sub County, erectile Kabale district have petitioned the Resident District Commissioner, purchase over rampant theft in their area.

In their letter dated October 16th, sildenafil they say that they have been losing property including livestock, crops and construction items and that there was nothing being done to apprehend the culprits.

In the same petition they requested the RDC for advice on what they were to do about the situation saying that they had informed all the relevant security organs in the locality but to no avail.

Among the stolen properties were a cow, 41 goats, 10 pigs, 4 sheep, 16 hens, windows and doors which were apparently stolen from newly constructed houses.

In his response, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Kabale, Moses Nuwagaba said that they had received many cases of theft in the area in the recent past and that he was to sit with other security organs for a solution.

He however said that they were usually hampered by natives who do not avail necessary information concerning culprits such that they are brought to book.

Nuwagaba also blamed the increased theft on some local leaders who defended thieves when arrested by police and also police officer who connive with thieves to take people’s properties.

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