Kabale Mayor Replaced as FDC Secretary General

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, the Kabale Municipality Mayor has been replaced as the Kabale Forum for Democratic Change Secretary General.

The post of fell vacant after Byamugisha decided to run as an independent candidate in the 2016 mayoral elections, claiming that he was cheated in the party primaries.

Byamugisha went on to win the mayoral seat on the independent ticket, beating the incumbent Dr Pius Ruhemurana, who currently  is the Kabale district FDC vice chairman.

Lydia Turyahumura, the Kabale district FDC chairperson says the party national leadership decided to fill all the posts that are vacant.

Bonny Tumuramye

Bonny Tumuramye

The Kabale district executive had five posts namely; Secretary General, Secretary for Defence, Treasurer, Secretary for persons with Disabilities, Secretary for Veterans and Pensioners.

She says when Byamugisha chose to stand as an independent; he ceased being a party member.

On Thursday, the party leadership held elections at Hill Top hotel in Kabale to fill the posts.

In the hotly contested race for Secretary General, Bonny Tumuranzye defeated   Richard Muhanguzi, the former Kabale municipality speaker, 65 votes to 37.

The race seemed to open up the wounds of the past as Tumuranzye was  the chairman of the  task force for Byamugisha,  that was commonly known as” Team no sleep”.

In other polls, Christopher Agaba was elected treasurer, Rugoora Katarinyeba as secretary for elderly, veterans and pensioners and Peace Twebaze as secretary for persons with disabilities.

At the end of the exercise, district party chairman Turyahumura asked members in the district to foster unity and forget about their past differences.

Mayor Byamugisha in June while speaking to our reporter in his office, said he had no more interest in FDC and that he is contended where he is.

Blaming his party enemies of throwing him under the bus, he told us; “Akakakwangire orakanga embwa ekanga esheko,” which translates, “What hates you, you hate back; a dog hates laughter.”


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