Joy in Entebbe as Rosemary Tumusiime Wins NRM Primaries

Civil Society Activists, purchase under the umbrella of the Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET), page have appealed to the Parliament to intervene and review the charges levied by the Kampala Capital City Authority for pinning up posters in Kampala City.

KCCA allegedly announced that candidates will be charged Shs.500 for each poster per day.

The activists delivered a petition to the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga on Friday.

They called for an urgent review of the Public Order Management Act (POMA), there whose current state threatens the participation of women in national politics.

They accused the Uganda Police Force of committing acts of brutality that have scared many women from actively participating in politics.

Former legislator and Ethics Minister, Hon. Miria Matembe, said the current actions of security forces will grossly affect the Women’s Movement.

“It seems to me members of the Women’s Movement have withdrawn because of the nature of the political environment. They cannot exercise their right to association and the right to belong most especially those in the opposition. We appeal to Parliament that as they pass laws, they are mindful of how they will affect society,” Matembe stressed.

The women also called for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate cases of abuse and brutality by security forces.

Speaker Kadaga in her remarks expressed concern over the commercialization of the electoral process most especially the costs of nomination.

Kadaga also expressed concern over acts of violence exhibited in the recent NRM party primaries across the country.

She called for tolerance as Ugandans prepare for national elections next year.

“As Parliament we are equally concerned. The role of the Police is to facilitate public gatherings. It can’t be a government policy to unleash brutality on its people. We agreed as a country to return to multiparty politics and this system calls for tolerance. I will speak to the Inspector General of Police over the management of public gatherings,” the Speaker noted.

She confirmed that Parliament will debate a report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the actions of the Police, once legislators return from the recess.
Chants of victory and explosive jubilations took place in Entebbe Municipality late last week following Rosemary Tumusiime, viagra 60mg the ‘Humble servant, more about ’ being declared the winner in the hotly contested NRM party primaries for Member of Parliament.

The final result announced at a Municipality tally center showed Rose, here as she is popularly known, winning with 987 votes to emerge the party flag bearer. It was a field of nine candidates.

The runner-up was the youthful Madina Zalwango with 821 votes. Patience Mubangizi, a Presidential advisor on Environmental matters, and the party flag-bearer at the 2011 election, came third with 672 votes.

Charles Kirumira got 565 votes with former Rwampara Member of parliament Hon. Amon Muzoora Reeves managing with only 484 votes. Peace Salamuka Bihingiro polled 364 votes, Major (Rtd). Julius Rubamhibya followed with 270 votes and Wakaimah Musisi polled 210 and Hakim Magoomu trailed with 177 votes.


Speaking at an event to mark her victory, Rose paid tribute to all those who turned out and took to the streets with her.

She expressed hope that they can continue the journey with her as she tries to return Entebbe Municipality to the NRM-fold at the February 2016 election.

Characteristically, Rose urged her supporters to be humble in victory, remain calm and not see the unsuccessful candidates as losers or their supporters as the enemy.

“We are all members of NRM,” she emphasized to her supporters.

At the 2011 election, the National Resistance Movement suffered huge losses in the Entebbe Municipality local elections.

It lost nearly 90 per cent of the elective posts to the Democratic Party. Rose Tumusiime was one of the few Councillors that retained her LCIV seat.

In addition, the 2011 NRM party primaries were marred by controversy. Four candidates who were unsuccessful at the primaries’ election challenged Patience Mubangizi’s nomination.

Their petition was eventually dismissed but they decided to stand as independents in February 2011 election which divided the party vote, and undoubtedly handed an easy victory to DP’s Muhammed Kawuma.

“There is nothing we cannot achieve with unity,” Rose told her supporters.

Commentators in Entebbe are unanimous in the view that the modest unassuming Rose may be what the NRM party needs in order to win back Entebbe Municipality.

“She is a uniting factor,” a supporter said. “She does not have a bad word to say about anybody” he added.

Throughout Rose’s campaigns she did not attack or insult any one and this gained her respect from both the public and her contenders.

Rose's supporters in wild jubilations

Rose’s supporters in wild jubilations

Hard work

Despite being a longstanding local political and community leader, Rose did not begin the party flag bearer race as the favourite.

Patience Mubangizi, and later Fabrice Rulinda, were tipped as likely winners.

Fabrice Rulinda later pulled out from the race citing anomalies by Patience Mubangizi. He is reported to be considering a bid as independent candidate

Rose won over voters with her warm personality, and brand of campaign. She quietly but effectively mobilized her vote, despite not having the deep pockets to shower the electorate with money and gifts.

They warmed up to her, and she attracted support across the broad spectrum of party members.

“She has the strength, experience and character that we needs in our leaders,” one of her supporters pointed out.

Rose puts it simply: “I just hope I can win the election next year, and serve the people of Entebbe as best as I can.”

Who is Rosemary Tumusiime?

Rose intends to focus on the improvement of emergency medical services in the Municipality, particularly through acquiring more ambulances

Rose intends to focus on the improvement of emergency medical services in the Municipality, particularly through acquiring more ambulances

Explaining her win, Rose said: “I was born and bred here in Entebbe. I am a local woman. I’ve been a political and community leader here in Entebbe for nearly 30 years.”

She is the first child of Robert Bikaako, a retired Meteorologist, and the late Mary Bikaako, a long-time school teacher in Entebbe.

Rose went to Lake Victoria Primary school in Entebbe, Gayaza Girls High School, Christ the King Kalisizo, and then Caltec Academy for her A-levels.

She then completed a Marketing Diploma at the now National College of Business studies, and later a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Makerere University Kampala.

Rose is a mother of four grown children. Sadly, she was widowed only recently, in 2014.  Her husband was the late Edward Gumizamu Tumusiime, NRM party stalwart in Entebbe, and former vice chairperson of NRM at Wakiso district.

Being the eldest in a sibling group of eight, Rose explains that leadership comes almost naturally to her.

“I had to be everything to my siblings; I had to take the lead, set a good example.”

Political turmoil

Like many people of her generation, her entry into politics was shaped by the political difficulties of the Amin and Obote II regimes.

In her early twenties, newly married to Edward Tumusiime, they were part of the broad network of clandestine collaborators who provided cover to and hosted young NRA rebel fighters en route to the battlefields from training or as new recruits, and others returning for specialist treatment or on other missions.

They housed, fed, and transported many “rebels” between 1980-85, and at great risk to their own lives.

Rose explains that it is these experiences that have shaped her commitment to the core values and principles of the NRM. She sees her commitment as borne out of necessity.

After a brief period in employment at the then Coffee Marketing Board, and thereafter Civil Aviation Authority, Rose turned to local politics.

She is now one of the longest serving councillors in Entebbe, having served in several leadership positions since 1989.

She has been a directly elected LC 4 councillor, Central 3, Entebbe Municipality since 1997.

Rose’s record of community service is an impressive one. It has included serving as leader in the Anglican Church of Entebbe in various capacities, Head of Laity Entebbe Archdeaconry from 2006 to 2014, Treasurer and Chairperson Mothers Union.

She is a member of the Board of Governors of several secondary and primary schools in Entebbe, Vice Chairperson, National Executive Committee, UWESO, and Chairperson TASO Entebbe and involved with many other small community groups.

Rose is women rights advocate and has worked tirelessly to encourage and mentor many women in local politics in the Municipality.

Rose talks of trying to recapture the past glories, and the emotional connection residents of Entebbe had to the place

Rose talks of trying to recapture the past glories, and the emotional connection residents of Entebbe had to the place


Rose is looking to becoming the first-ever female Member of Parliament of Entebbe Municipality. She presents a bold ambitious plan, if elected as its Member of Parliament.

Rose states that she is pro-business and intends to fully engage the Municipality’s business community and the local Council leaders in order to ensure an effective plan for a thriving business environment.

She promises to lobby hard for increased public and private investment in the Municipality, as she would like to attract more jobs to the area for its residents.

Regarding the youth and youth groups, she identifies several areas that will be the focus of her energies, that is, lobbying for improved education and training, skills development, entrepreneurship development and access to affordable credit.

Rose is passionate about health issues generally and intends to lobby for more and better equipped health centers. She intends to bring sharp focus to child and maternal health in the municipality as in her view this is an area that has not received the attention it deserves.

Another area she intends to focus is the improvement of emergency medical services in the Municipality, particularly through acquiring more ambulances.

Being a long term resident of Entebbe, and see it change Rose speaks of working hard to foster the sense of pride and community that the area seems to have lost over the years.

She talks of trying to recapture the past glories, and the emotional connection residents of Entebbe had to the place. She wants a return of a culture of good will that extends across political, tribal and cultural differences.

Rose has her work cut out for her. The 2016 election will pit her against DP’s Michael Kakembo, and reportedly seven other male contestants. It is an election to watch.


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