Journalist Attacks Andrew Mwenda

Dance-hall Singer, approved http://colosseo.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/tonesque.php Peter Miles has shared stunning photos taken while shooting his upcoming video. The photos show the singer with an unidentified girl having quality time at a waterfront in Entebbe.

Friends and fans applauded the singer for the cinematographic statement portrayed in the photographs with most of them mentioning that they cannot wait for the video to be out.

In one of the photos the singer is seen walking with his hand around the beauty’s waist while in the other the two are seen hugging tightly.

In an exclusive interview with ChimpLyf, Peter Miles disclosed that the photographs were taken during a video shoot of his 2015 Release titled, ‘Loving You’.

The two hug tightly

The two hug tightly

Riding a horse

The vixen riding on a horse

Peter 6
For those who do not know A-Pass as yet, price http://csanz.edu.au/wp-content/plugins/widgetkit/widgets/accordion/layouts/dashboard.php He is one of the few new upcoming artistes that have easily gotten a breakthrough in the local music industry within a short period.

The new dance hall artiste, abortion who sings both in Luganda and Jamaican Patois, could be the next star basing if the success he has achieved with just few songs released is anything to go by.

The singer was recently reported to have dissed Team No Sleep members while performing at Laftaz Lounge last week.

However, in a phone interview with ChimpLyf, he said that he had no beef with any artiste in the Ugandan music industry and denied allegations that he had dissed Team No Sleep.

A-Pass who was premiering a video for his Tetubatya added that he makes music in his own style and that that’s why he sings dance-hall songs that are not only entertaining but also educative.
Charles Odongtho has accused Andrew Mwenda of “intellectual dishonesty”, clinic http://cloud.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php touching off a barrage of charges against the celebrated Independent Magazine boss and throwing into the open a secret war between the two top members of the Fourth Estate.

“I am amazed, advice http://cs4all.nyc/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php actually shocked, http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/count.php at what I now consider Intellectual dishonesty by my friend and journalism colleague Andrew M. Mwenda. He vehemently argued on NTV’s “newsnight” that as long as majority of Rwandans support President Kagame, he must remove the constitutional term limit and stand again to continue ruling that country,” submitted Odongtho who used to host Mwenda on the same Television programme.

“That some 2 million Rwandans will actually go to the streets to protest if Gen. Kagame does not. But early this year, Mwenda, as a petitioner against the Anti Homosexuality Act, severally argued on TV that in a democracy you don’t subject certain things to the desires of the majority decision. I argued in support of the MPs that the Constitution gives them the right to make laws for the good governance of this country. Mwenda refused saying the MPs and Ugandans like us are just ignorant, naive and bigoted homophobic, etc, etc …Is this a rational change of mind or Intellectual dishonesty!!! Or better still just forgetfulness to sustain a lie?” he added on his Facebook page.

Mwenda is yet to respond to the charge. He has previously refused to respond to Odongtho’s critical remarks.

However, it should be remembered that Mwenda caused Odongtho’s departure from NTV.

At one time, Mwenda clashed with Odongtho during the recording of the “newsnight” programme; with the former saying he needed enough time to explain his points.

Odongtho fired back, insisting he had to ensure the public is not misled by Mwenda and that he also sticks to questions posed to him.

Mwenda stormed out of the room and vowed never to return as long as Odongtho remained the host. Interestingly, Odongtho was replaced with Maurice Mugisha and now, temporarily, Simon Kasyate.

Observers say while Odongtho is more of a daring traditional journalist, Mwenda is a businessman with interests to protect and that the bitter clash was expected.

Hillary Kiirya, a former employee with Independent Magazine, commented: “Andrew is no longer a journalist but rather a businessman (Journalist cum Businessman). If you understand Luganda he is now a kind who says nfuunira wa? That is him today not the Journalist of those days that made some of us divert to Journalism far from what we were meant to do.”

Jo K Wazabanga advised: “I wish NTV management could engage an independent team/researcher like Synovate Group to carry out an opinion poll on that programme NTV’s “Newsnight” to gauge the public’s acceptability and response, I am sure it would be negative!! I too stopped watching it long time ago actually after Charles Odongtho left it!”

Peter Nyanzi, a journalist with Independent, was supportive of Mwenda: “I think people can now see why you (Odongtho) couldn’t work with Andrew on that show. How could even start comparing apples and oranges and insisting they should be eaten the same way?”

He added: “First Andrew had no problem with what the people of Burkina Faso did to refuse the removal of term limits. But he stated after talking to a cross section of Rwandans, he was sure Rwandans would do the opposite on Kagame. Second, term limits is not a human rights issue; the human rights issue is the people choosing who leads them and how they are governed. So only you can see the “intellectual dishonesty” in Andrew’s argument. But it is easy to know why anyway.”

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