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I’ve Paid All My Debts in Maracha, says Museveni

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze has punched holes in presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s claims that he never had authority to effect transformative changes in Uganda’s governance system, more about malady http://clbattery.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/photon.php saying the former Prime Minister is being “out rightly dishonest and covering up for his own lack of innovation.”

Addressing several rallies on his campaign trail, illness Mbabazi said he intended to implement reforms in the way the country was being run to ensure quality in service delivery only for his ideas to be misconstrued as a plot to grab power.

Addressing Mukono residents last week, pharm Mbabazi said, “When I became a Prime Minister, my main goal was to have an effective government and I made radical changes to enforce better service delivery.”

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He added: “They mistook my attempt to make things right in government that I was preparing for a power grab and so they frustrated it.”

The claims have not gone down well with the establishment which maintains Mbabazi is covering up his weaknesses.

In a statement to ChimpReports on Wednesday, Tumwebaze expressed shock about “the famous claim by Hon Amama Mbabazi that he didn’t have authority to influence any reforms and innovation on any policy issues in government,” adding, “I find it laughable and real blasphemy to say the least.”

Tumwebaze, who served under Mbabazi, wondered: “What then was he doing that long, if he had no authority to push anything of value?  What can he show as any policy ideas that he mooted in all his various capacities and were shot down unreasonably by President Museveni?”

To the contrary, said Tumwebaze, those who worked closely with Mbabazi or followed his role in influencing government decisions will clearly reveal how his influence was enormous.

King maker

“He would make or break any body and anything as he deemed fit.  He was a multi- sectoral minister without borders. Any idea you would tell the president he would refer you to Mbabazi first before any decision can be made on it,” said Tumwebaze.

“From being nicknamed super minister, king-maker and regarded as someone who influenced all government appointments including cabinet, making a claim that he never had authority , is  being out rightly dishonest and covering up for his  own lack of innovation,” he added.

“He served government with full authority from his boss not to talk of the unfettered lavish favours and sometimes excessive pampering he enjoyed.”

Mbabazi served as Director General, External Security Organisation, Security Minister, Defence Minister and Prime Minister among other top positions.

He also oversaw some of Uganda’s highly classified security operations and negotiations with foreign countries including Sudan, Rwanda, DRC, Israel, Russia, United States and Britain among others.

I was powerless

However, Mbabazi argues that he did not wield executive power which he now needs to make things happen.

Addressing the people of Kabarole on Tuesday, Mbabazi defended himself against accusations of not doing enough to stop corruption and uplift the plight of the common man, asking, “Have I ever been president.”

He said once executive powers are firmly vested in his hands, “We will not have any more thieves in government.”

But Tumwebaze wonders why Mbabazi cannot single out a single achievement while serving in high profile positions in government.

“Why would he therefore, not push any reforms or introduce any innovation that we can now trace back to him as his legacy defining mark? I find this rather intriguing!  If President Museveni was his obstacle as he now claims, why didn’t he resign or make his frustrations public for the common good of all?” asked Tumwebaze.

“The fact is Mbabazi was eventually sacked. He had so much opportunity that he cannot adequately account for now. His campaign narrative therefore, that he is the new messiah and a person for a new Uganda does not convincingly resonate well with the reality that many know about him,” he added.

The Minister said Ugandans can trace certain policy and program initiatives to some of their leaders.

“For example,  we can attach decentralization to Hon Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, Health Systems Reform to Dr Crispus Kiyonga,  Deadly LRA peace negotiations to Rt Hon Ndugu Rugunda,  Karamoja development and communal mindset change reforms to Hon Janet Museveni, commercial  Upland rice campaign to Prof Bukenya, Education reforms to Prof Kajubi Senteza, Naads to Dr Kisamba Mugerwa, Anti Privatization of UCB to Dr Ezra Suruma, Construction of  Army housing  units using cheap affordable means to the late Brig Mayombo in his short time as PS of defence, UPDF professionalization and ID project revamping to Late Gen Aronda,” argued Tumwebaze.

“What is it  and with due respect, that we can attach to Rt Hon Amama in his long government service, that can now give hope to the voters to believe him and expect a positive and fundamental turnout of things  under his presidency when voted?”

Tumwebaze said many historical comrades that fell out of favour with the establishment “owe their bitterness all to him for having schemed their way out so as to enjoy unlimited space and access to the boss.”

During his post-nomination rally at Nakivubo Stadium, Mbabazi promised to see Uganda become strong and prosperous and to make the country work for everyone.

He said his common purpose is to create jobs for the youth; widening opportunities to access good education and a healthcare system where childbirth is not a pathway to the grave and restoration of cooperatives.
Presidential flag-bearer for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, online http://cdaink.com.br/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/akismet.php Yoweri Museveni, abortion http://catrinmacdonnell.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php has said promises made to Maracha district by the NRM government have been fully paid.

Mr Museveni who was Tuesday speaking at a campaign rally held at Otravo Primary School in Oluke sub-county Maracha district revealed that Maracha district was given two constituencies as the residents had requested.

“You now have a tarmacked road from Kampala to Oraba, viagra 40mg electricity, piped water, schools and health center III’s at all sub counties,” he said.

He revealed that Maracha district has 63 primary schools with a student population of 74,000 students and 35 secondary schools and 9 Health Center IIIs. He also promised that five more schools will be built within the district.

“The main problem in Maracha is now for the people to understand the need for modern agriculture to solve the problem of poverty,” said President Museveni.

Candidate Museveni also encouraged the youth to acquire technical skills that can get them jobs and to embrace the wealth creation program so that they can earn household incomes.

Over 24,000 seedlings of oranges and 1000 seedlings of mangoes have been sent to the district under the wealth creation program.

The rally was also attended by Alex Onzima, the State Minister for Local Government and Simon D’ujanga the State Minister for Energy who appealed to the residents to support the NRM party because it has honored its promises to Maracha district.


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