Inside Pope Francis Uganda Trip Security Masterplan

Pope Francis visits Uganda this week

President Museveni has said he is confident that a lasting solution to the conflict in Burundi will be found, capsule Chimp Corps report.

The President made the remarks during the weekend at State House, drug Nakasero when he received a visiting German Government delegation that was led by the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

President Museveni was appointed by the 3rd Extraordinary Summit of the leaders of the East African Community (EAC) in July 2015 in Dar-es-Salaam to lead and facilitate efforts to find a lasting solution to the political situation in Burundi.

However, viagra the country is on the edge with dead bodies of executed opposition supporters turning up on Bujumbura streets almost on a daily basis.

Some observers have described the situation in Burundi as a “slow genocide”.

The failure of the region to take a decisive action to stop the bloodshed has left many discomforted.

However, welcoming his German guests to Uganda, President Museveni assured them that “the East African Region will solve the conflict in Burundi.”

He added: “We have recorded progress and advised that the peace talks should be all inclusive. The Burundi Government should accept to include the opposition that is within the country and outside.”

Museveni briefed the delegation on the progress of the peace process in Burundi.

He also noted that the main cause of instability in Somalia was lack of state pillars and the absence of a healthy political movement.

The President informed the delegation that Uganda recovered because of a political Movement that was started by students adding that the Movement succeeded because it promoted patriotism and Pan Africanism.

He observed that a country cannot realize recovery without a serious political social movement.

He revealed that the Ugandan students’ Movement championed integration in their fight to counter sectarianism that was based on tribe and religion.

Turning to the issue of education, President Museveni informed his German guests that Uganda currently has a total of 90 technical institutes adding that the NRM Government plan is to establish technical institutes in the 282 constituencies.

He invited the German Government to cooperate with Uganda in its efforts to build those institutions.

The German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Steinmeier saluted President Museveni and the NRM Government for ensuring stability in Uganda.

He reiterated that Uganda was now experiencing a big change in comparison to what the situation was during the Amin regime.


Regarding regional affairs, the German Minister paid glowing tribute to President Museveni for his efforts towards the establishment of peace and stability in Somalia and the region at large.

Dr. Steinmeier revealed that his delegation included officials involved in business, engineering, culture, mineral resources, legislators, Information Technology (IT) and manufacturing.

He also disclosed that during his current visit to Uganda, he signed a Cooperation Agreement between the German and Ugandan Governments for the construction of the Bukasa Inland Port in Kampala adding that Germany looks forward to further strengthen cooperation with Uganda.

The German Foreign Affairs Minister’s current tour of Africa is the 4th visit to the continent that has taken him to Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sam Kutesa and the German Ambassador to Uganda, Dr. Christof Blomeyer, attended the meeting.
Uganda Police have deployed at least 12, diagnosis 000 police officers to secure Pope Francis’ visit this weekend.

He is expected in Uganda, order a trip that will attract at least one million Catholic believers from different parts of the country and across the world to Namugongo Martyrs’ shrine.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga told journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru on Monday that ever since the pope acknowledged the invitation by president Museveni, police started designing a security master plan for his visit.

“You are all aware that the Pope will be accompanied with a strong delegation of 30 Cardinals and Bishops with 70 international journalists and 25 members of his close protection. This puts it to over 100 members of his delegation which is some good amount of work in terms of policing and security detail,” said Enanga.

He highlighted the fact that Uganda as a country is very much privileged to be hosting the Pope since it’s a historical occasion and to the very many faithfuls.

“We have structured our deployment in seven sectors, which include the Entebbe International Airport, the whole of Entebbe Highway, the Central Business District of Kampala, the Kololo sector where the youth shall engage the Pope, Munyonyo sector, Mbuya sector and lastly the Namugongo sector,” Enanga revealed.

“Our deployment area has covered five districts which include; Entebbe, Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Mityana and Mpigi; and in each deployment we are focusing a lot on venues, routes and accommodation areas.”

He noted that police have been working closely with all stakeholders which include the Office of the Prime Minister, religious leaders and the Pope Advance team with which they have shared with the  security plan.


According to the schedule, His Holiness will be arriving at Entebbe International Airport from Nairobi at 4:50Pm on Friday November 27th.

He will then proceed to State House in Entebbe where he’s planned to address public authorities and diplomats later that evening.

Among others, the Pope will be visiting the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine the following day, [for both the Catholics and Anglicans] and a charitable center in Nalukolongo.

He will also meet with Bishops at the Bishops center and also teachers and catechists in Munyonyo.


Enanga said the law enforcement body haslined up 12,000 police officers who will be covering different places according to the deployment plan with additional resources from the UPDF.”

He added that the UPDF’s first division in Kampala shall be working very closely with police, the Marine and the Military police from the UPDF and as well as the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Air force which will be carrying out operations and patrols.

“The Joint Intelligence Committee has been collecting intelligence in different areas working closely with the community members and Crime preventers who are within their localities,” said Enanga.

“On the side of security, I want to assure you that we are very prepared, and this visit won’t affect other programs in the country to go on like the presidential campaigns.”

Enanga observed that there will be strict access control measures to different venues revealing that police will be soon informed of the access guidelines.

He added that Police has a detailed traffic follow plan whereby some routes will be closed. Traffic shall be manned by a total of 800 traffic officers.


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