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Inside Juba Plane Crash

President Museveni has said the ruling NRM party is still focused delivering on its promises made after capturing power in 1986 especially fighting corruption and achieving inclusive growth.

While addressing journalists at State House Entebbe on Wednesday afternoon, abortion stuff Museveni singled out Pius Bigirimana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development; Allen Kagina – UNRA Executive Director and KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi as his heroes in fighting corruption.

“Yes there is corruption by civil servants but we are fighting it by introducing people who are not civil servants like Allen Kagina and Jennifer Musisi,” said Museveni.

“Kagina knew nothing about civil service because she was a lecturer but was able to transform URA. Bigirimana also helped us discover that money was being stolen in the OPM but they fought him yet he helped us a lot,” he added.

“You saw how people were fighting Bigirimana in the Office of Prime Minister; it was because he was fighting corruption. They fought him,” said Museveni.

Museveni was referring to the OPM scandal in which billions of shillings meant for recovery programmes in Northern Uganda were swindled by a group of civil servants.

Bigirimana blew the whistle that saw the treasury make reforms to plug loopholes exploited by thieving officials.

Museveni said he found Kagina teaching psychology at Makerere University before encouraging her to join Uganda Revenue Authority which she later transformed.

The head of state said his government is focusing in value addition in production to improve Uganda’s balance of payments position.

“The strategic goals of the NRM are prosperity and security of the people. We want prosperity through production and not parasitism where people depend on others to develop but through production of goods and services,” the President said.

Museveni pointed out that all these goals are so inter-twined that the achievement of one contributes to the attainment of the other which he said is done through singling out and focusing on priorities.

He said the country has enjoyed relative peace and this has in one way or the other contributed to the growth of other sectors such as agriculture which have been boosted subsequently.

“In 1986, Uganda produced 200 million litres of milk per year but now partly because of peace we produce 2 billion litres which indicates growth. If we had not worked with our neighbours may be then this would not be achieved as they provide market for the surplus produce,” he argued.

The president was Tuesday nominated to run for a third term in office.

He will face 7 other presidential candidates but a formidable challenge will come from FDC flag-bearer, Dr Kizza Besigye.


Museveni said it was wrong for people to believe in tribes or religions (sectarianism) which he said stagnates growth and development, adding that such bottlenecks to development have been solved by his government.

The president noted that through identifying priorities and dealing with them has seen tremendous strides taken in the health, communication, transport, education sectors and this has partly created jobs for many people.

“We are talking of challenges like jobs for the youths but these can only be realized where there is electricity plus peace and stability. That’s why you cannot talk of jobs in Somalia because they are not peaceful.”

On corruption, Museveni said they have made big strides in fighting the vice among civil servants who embezzle government   money meant for projects and abuse of office adding that this has slowly been tackled.
The details of the cargo plane mysteriously carrying human beings that crashed in South Sudan capital Juba on Wednesday morning killing 25 people is finally out.

The four-engine turboprop aircraft Antonov An-12b cn (serial number) 01347704 was confirmed by the authorities as owned by a logistic company in South Sudan known as Allied Service Limited- Juba.

It crashed shortly after taking off from Juba International Airport. The aircraft`s registration number is EY406.

The plane was destined to the country’s only active oil field zone of Paloich in Upper Nile which is the second richest oil state.

Just 800 meters out of the airport, viagra order the plane went down badly falling on the banks of River Nile – killing everyone on board with the exception of a toddler.

The toddler was rushed to Juba Medical School.

Juba International Airport Director, web Naveen Gera said the plane belongs to Allied Services that has been operating in the world’s youngest nation for quite some time.

There was no documentation of the occupants, making it awfully difficult for the authority to determine their identities since most bodies were severely smashed and heads separated from the bodies.

The Red Cross and ministry of Health team assisted by the army who rushed to the scene to retrieve the bodies identified five Armenians and one Russian.

An online search by ChimpReports indicates that Antonov 12 cn 01347704 was previously owned by two other airline companies being acquired by Allied Services Limited Juba.

The first company that procured it from the manufacturer (Antonov) was Aeroflt- the Russian Federation biggest airline that is partly owned by the state and considered by many aviation analysts as the defacto national airline. Aeroflot used the registration number RA-11102.

The cargo carrier was acquired from Aeroflot by the British Gulf International Airlines operating in the Gulf States with one of the biggest hubs in Dubai. The new airline company changed the registration number from RA-11102 to EX 163.

The Allied Services Limited- Juba bought the pane from the British Gulf International Airlines and gave it a fresh registration number EY406.

ChimpReports has learnt that the similar plane type (Antonov 12) owned by Juba Air Cargo on 27 June 2008 had a related incident in the then united Sudan that killed five people on the current South Sudan soil.

The plane which had taken off from Khartoum Airport enroute to Juba crashed in the now Upper Nile capital Malakal when three engines failed in the flight due to thunderstorm.

The government of South Sudan is yet to make a formal address on the fatal incident.

ChimpReports will continue bringing updates about yesterday’s incident.


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