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IGG’s Office Survives Deadly Fire

Economic Monitoring Minister Henry Banyenzaki has been floored in the NRM primary elections for Rubanda County West Member of Parliament, unhealthy health Chimp Corps report.

Eng. Denis Sabiiti emerged victorious in the race characterised by acts of intimidation by the fire-spitting minister.

In the elections held on Monday, ed Sabiiti was declared winner, defeating Banyenzaki with a margin of almost 2,000 votes.

A former commissioner of transport in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Eng. Sabiiti got 13798 votes while Hon Banyenzaki came second with 11,874 votes and Moses Kamuntu Mwongyera polled 5,363 votes.

Mathias Muhereza went home with 2,264 votes yet Abel Muhumuza walked away with a paltry 494 votes. Dustan Kagoma managed 436 votes with Africano Byaruhanga trailing with 334 votes.

The Rubanda West and Kabale Municipality elections were postponed on October 27 due to missing voting materials.

NRM Kabale District Chairperson Maurice Keitaba said then that this came after officials discovered that over 16,000 ballot papers were missing from the batch sent from Kampala for three sub-counties.

The affected areas were Bufundi (17 villages with a voting population of 4,917), Ikumba (15 villages with a voting population of 5,829) and Muko Sub-County – the birthplace of Banyenzaki (12 villages with a voting population of 5,191 voters).

At least 5 out of the 7 candidates signed on a letter to NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr Tanga Odoi, seeking the postponement of the primaries in the contested constituency.

These included Eng. Denis Sabiiti, Moses Kamuntu Mwongyera, Robert Muhereza Matthias, African Byarugaba Kikabeinika, and Rtd Corporal Abel Muhumuza Karegyesa.


The incumbent, Henry Banyenzaki and Dustan Muhereza Ziine did not append their signatures on the letter.

In Kabale many accused Banyenzaki of brutalising his opponents and intimidating the people to vote him.

He at one time kidnapped Pastoli Twinomuhangi, the Kabale District Speaker on allegations that the latter was carrying fake ballot papers to use in the NRM primaries.

Banyenzaki went ahead to deflate Twinomuhangi car’s tyres after ordering his soldiers to block the speaker’s movement at a hastily-organised roadblock.

Banyenzaki told ChimpReports then that he had reliable information that the speaker had in the car “fake NRM registers and some ballot papers but we had no ill intentions of harming those people.”

Twinomuhangi was a close ally of Banyenzaki until recently when he chose to rally behind Eng Sabiti.

In August, Banyenzaki intercepted and blocked Moses Nuwagaba, the former Kabale District Deputy RDC at Omukidebe Trading Centre in Rubaare Ntungamo district.

Banyenzaki impounded Nuwagaba’s car whom he accused of being a supporter of Amama Mbabazi and frustrating government programmes.

It will also be recalled that before the postponement of the exercise, drama ensued at the Kabale District Yard along the Kabale- Mbarara road when Banyenzaki exchanged blows with his rival, Eng Sabiti.

This followed a bitter exchange of words on whether the voting exercise should be postponed following disappearance of voting materials.

These acts of brutality, arrogance and slandering people on public platforms marked the beginning of Banyenzaki’s downfall.

His attempts to use police and his military guards to create an atmosphere of terror in Rubanda left a bitter taste in the mouths of his supporters.

“It was a protest vote against Banyenzaki’s excesses,” said Richard Musinguzi, 32, a resident of Muko Sub-county in Rubanda.

“Instead of lobbying for good roads and clean water, he spent the better part of his time abusing his opponents and attacking former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. We have taught him a lesson,” Musinguzi, a trader, observed.

It remains unclear if Banyenzaki will stand on the Independent ticket to reclaim the seat which he has occupied since 2001.

Meanwhile, in Kabale municipality NRM MP Primaries, Dr Francis Runumi floored his rivals Nicholas Kamara and Prof Augustus Nuwagaba.
Police have saved the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) at the IPS building in Kampala from being brought down by raging fire flames, viagra Chimp Corps report.

Police publicist Fred Enanga said on Monday evening, more about the Police Fire and Rescue team accordingly made a “massive and rapid response to a fire at the Jubilee Insurance offices on the 3rd floor of the IPS building along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala City.”

The cause of the fire, ambulance which would have destroyed key documents at the tightly-guarded office, was established to be by welding works on the 3rd floor, and was triggered by materials that were combustible.

Enanga said such risky work must be avoided in future.

The IGG is charged with investigating acts of corruption in public offices.

Enanga said the response team “swung into action, stopped the fire from spreading, confined it to the place of origin and finally knocked it out, thereby saving the magnificent IPS building.”

He further pointed out that business around the area was interrupted briefly, in the process of saving the complex.

“The police have meanwhile maintained a standby fire team overnight. There is therefore, no need for alarm and business owners are encouraged to go about their businesses normally,” he emphasised.

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