I’d Have Murdered Kyuma Kya Yesu – Mirundi

Kyuma kya Yesu says he will attack more NRM MPs
Kyuma kya Yesu says he will attack more NRM MPs

Former Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi joined in the chorus of condemnation of the assault on Kasanda South legislator, MP Simeo Nsubuga by a journalist.

The MP was dragged about and embarrassed by William Ntege alias Kyuma kya Yesu, and was rescued by fellow legislators.

This was during this year’s Coronation anniversary of Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, in Mubende district on Monday.

The MP was accused by his attacker, of supporting the constitutional amendment to left the presidential age limit.

Kyuma kya Yesu was taken to Mubende Police Station where he was charged with assault. Police also talked of taking him for evaluation of is mental status. He was yesterday denied bail by a local court for lack of a place of abode in Mubende.

His actions angered a number of people mostly from the ruling NRM party. But perhaps most infuriated was Mr Tamale Mirundi.

To the controversial outspoken political analyst, the former WBS TV journalist should be jailed for at least 20years. That would be a good lesson, he said.

And if he was the one attacked, Murundi said, Kyuma kya Yesu would have been shot dead.

“I told the IGP, Kale Kayihura; I don’t have a guard who has not killed at least 5 people. Do don’t work at my house if you haven’t murdered,” Mirundi said while appearing on Beat FM yesterday.

“The moment government decided to give me 2 Military Police officers and 5 police officers; that means my life is in danger. Therefore you better get me those that strike. I would have killed that man on spot. We cannot allow hooliganism,” Mirundi fumed.

The attacker, still in detention, said MP Nsubuga was only the beginning and that next he would attack Nakifuma MP Hon Kafeero Sekitoleko.

The Monday incident was sternly condemned by the Ruling NRM’s head of electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi who asked the organizers of the coronation event to issue a formal apology.


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