Ibanda: Rotary Club Supports Family Attacked by Strange Epidemic

The Rotary Club of Ibanda, order partners and individual sympathizers on Monday donated property worth Shs 500.000 to the helpless family of Mr. Fred Karuhanga and Julius Gumisiriza of Keihangara sub-county who are suffering from a disease that has eluded medical experts.

Officials from the ministry of health recently visited the family and took blood samples for further investigations.

The disease which attacked members of one family, killing seven has similar signs of the nodding disease. It attacks the persons neural system, disables eyesight, speech and movement.

The Rotary Club members on Monday flanked by partners from Ibanda Central Clinic, Ebenezer clinic and local politician Matovu Kasule visited the family and donated materials that included food staffs, basins, soap, sugar and cash.

Kasule and the group pledged to bring this matter to the attention of parliament

Recently, a team led by Dr. Edward Nandumba from World Health Organization and Dr. Justus Byarugaba from National expert committee for polio in Uganda reached the family and found that this disease is hereditary.

The rest of the family members are still admitted at Mbarara Hospital. When contacted, the Hospital’s Dr. Francis Eriokot refused to speak to the journalists on how the patients are progressing.


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