Hunt for Aine Resumes; Court Sets Ruling Date

High court judge Justice Lydia Mugambe has set the 30th of March as the date to deliver her ruling on case in which the family of Christopher Aine the former head of security for Hon Amama Mbabazi seeks for a Habeas corpus ordering the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura to produce their relative from custody.

Council John Mary Mugisha submitted in court this afternoon an affidavit by Aine’s cousin brother Ezra Kabugo which contained a number of grounds based on by the applicant to file this case.

Kabugo in his affidavit points out that after the Ntungamo incident of 13 December 2015 when supporters of presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi engaged in a fight with Candidate Musevni’s supporters, more about Police went on to make public statements as it was going to arrest all culprits of Hon Amama’s security detail including Aine.

“Aine lived under constant fear of arrest which as he expressed to me, and eventually forced him to switch off his main telephone mobile number 07896668247 and started using 0704445853” Kabugo said.”

He added that Aine informed him that he kept on receiving numerous calls from unknown people whom he suspected were security operatives trying to locate him.

“On the night of 16th December 2015 at around 5.00am I was woken up by a security guard at my residence located along Bombo Road. The guard informed me that Police were looking for a Munyakore terrorist who was staying on our Block of apartments,” Kabugo submitted

The said police officers came to his apartment and ordered him to identify himself and asked whether Aine was in the house but he replied in the negative. Kabugo emphasizes that these officers were 7 in number, armed, 3 in uniformed and 4 in plain clothes who showed him their Identity cards and informed him that they were from CPS Kampala

“On several occasions Aine stayed in my house but on that night he was not. Immediately Police left I communicated with him on my telephone. I informed him that police officers were looking for him and he told me that a group of police men had surrounded his residence and were knocking.”

The following morning Kabugo says, he went to his residence but Aine was not there. A lady identified as Maama sarah who cleaned his house informed him that Police men travelling in a police patrol vehicle and white van had arrested him around 6.30 am

“All efforts to trace him at all Police stations in Kampala have proved futile therefore I now believe that he is detained in an ungazzetted detention”

However, in an affidavit in reply sworn in by Mr Erasmus Twaruhukwa, the Director of Human Rights and Legal services in Uganda Police says that Christopher Aine was not among the suspects arrested on the 21st of December 2015 and therefore is not in any of the Police detention centers

“I also know for a fact that the Uganda Police Force is actually looking for Christopher Aine pursuant to a criminal summons issued by the Jinja Court magistrates as well as for his involvement in Electoral violence in Ntungamo,” added Twaruhukwa.


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