Huawei Boosts Kampala Marathon with Shs 250M

Retired Ugandan General and serving Information Minister Jim Muhwezi has pledged to salute a new commander-in-chief in case President Museveni loses the 2016 election, adiposity rx Chimp Corps report.

He, was however, quick to add that “I am working hard so that there is no change.”

Muhwezi said while “whoever is in the office of Commander-in-chief is salutable” and all serving and retired officers being required to show respect to the Constitution, “I am making sure that I am not put in that situation.”

A former spymaster who oversaw the NRA guerrillas’ intelligence systems in the bush and later in government after President Museveni seized power in 1986, Muhwezi is a close confidant of President Museveni.

Despite being removed from the powerful position of Health Minister amid a corruption scandal, Muhwezi continued to serve quietly in Museveni’s clandestine political intelligence network.

His return as Information Minister was not a surprise owing to his unquestionable loyalty to the establishment.

On Thursday morning, Muhwezi spoke at the Electoral Commission media executives’ breakfast at Kampala Serena, saying as a “law abiding citizen, I will respect the constitution.”

EC boss Eng Badru Kiggundu addressing the media

EC boss Eng Badru Kiggundu addressing the media

There is a considerable feeling among the population that the UPDF which metamorphosed from the NRA guerrilla outfit may not willingly surrender power in case of a possible defeat of President Museveni.

Museveni is facing stiff resistance from 7 presidential candidates but the strongest challenge will come from his former allies Col Kizza Besigye and Hon Amama Mbabazi who are pulling large crowds at their rallies.

As a strong political mobiliser, Muhwezi said the defeat of President Museveni “will not happen.”

He was responding to a question from this Corp on the army’s willingness to let power go to an opposition candidate.

Kayihura speaks out

On the same issue, the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura cautioned against “questioning the discipline of the armed forces.”

He added: “I am still a serving army officer. If there is a new Commander-in-chief who is different and I am still in position to salute him or her, I will because I am disciplined.”

He said whoever does not want to salute a new president, “you resign and go…because you are not conscripted.”

Senior government and security officials attended the function

Senior government and security officials attended the function

Kayihura said “UPDF is a highly disciplined force. The Constitution is not something to joke around with. We were involved in these struggles – no one should preach to us in observing the Constitution.”

He added: “We defend the Constitution with guns. In the past, the bullet removed the ballot. Now the bullet protects the ballot.”

News editors listening to speeches

News editors listening to speeches

At the function graced by State Internal Affairs Minister James Baba, army officers and other government officials, Eng Badru Kiggundu reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to holding free and fair elections in 2016.

He said independent research shows the voter education has reached about 73 percent of the population.

Kiggundu, whose independence has been a contested issue, said the Commission cannot “work as an island because the election involves many stakeholders.”
Huawei, see a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has Thursday confirmed its offer of Shs 250, 000,000 to the 2015 MTN marathon for schools welfare in Kampala.

The 2015 MTN Kampala Marathon is set to take place this Sunday with the aim of raising funds towards improving access to sustainable sanitation and safe water for vulnerable urban children in public schools in Kampala.

The event is targeting approximately 20,000 runners from Kampala and all over Africa.

“We have participated in this meaningful event as the main sponsor since 2012, under the theme ‘Run for Water’. We are grateful for this chance to give back to Uganda again through the marathon and we look forward to the improved welfare of the students in Kampala schools,” Mr. David Rong, the Vice Managing Director, Huawei Uganda said.

“We encourage all Ugandans to support students’ welfare by registering to take part in the marathon. There are approximately 500 Huawei phones to be given out to the registrants,” he added.

MTN’s Mapula Bodibe thanked the runners and corporate partners who have consistently supported the MTN Kampala Marathon.

“One of those partners is Huawei, we thank you for coming again this year in a big way as we have just witnessed,” she said.

“I encourage Ugandans to requester for the 2015 MTN Kampala Marathon whose registration ends this Friday,” Bodibe added.


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