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How Kireka Police Boss Shot Innocent Civilian Dead

Police’s rescue team is struggling to remove a 40 feet container that this morning flipped and trapped three porters who were offloading cargo from it.

All this happened on 7th street in industrial area in Kampala.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, approved Patrick Onyango, buy the deceased, together with others had been hired to off load glass from the container.

However, as they were carrying out the work, Onyango says the container slipped off its bed and landed on the porters killing the three and leaving the rest with potentially fatal injuries.

“The driver may have parked the carrier in an unstable position causing the container to slip off and trapping the porters,” said Onyango.

He added that Police arrested the driver and turn man of the carrier as investigations continue.
Kabarole District Council has passed a resolution barring members of parliament without accountability reports from addressing council sittings.

The motion was moved by Busoro Sub County Councilor Hon. Richard Nyakaana and seconded by  Karambi Sub County councilor, dosage Hon. Joseph Mashuhuko at the District Headquarters Kitumba on Friday.

Nyakaana said that council would only entertain speeches from MPs who have accountability reports on what they have lobbied for the district.

Nyakaana gave the example of the Burahya County MP Hon. Steven Kagwera who he said comes to council without any accountability reports on what he has lobbied and done for the people.

The decision to ban MPs came after the woman MP Hon.Victoria Businge Rusoke delivered a comprehensive report on some of her achievements and accountability of what she had already done and lobbied for the district.

Hon. Rusoke highlighted on some of the things she had lobbied including 60 mattresses for health centers, viagra order maize seeds, coffee seedlings, coffee and rice hullers, a tractor, 10 scholarships, shs 100m for SACCOs, trainings for female councilors among others.

About the shs 30m presidential pledge, the MP noted that it had been distributed to six SACCOs with each receiving shs 5m.
Kireka Police Station OC, stomach ASP Daniel Mugabi is currently detained at Jinja road Police Station for having shot dead a one Charles Oyet as he was firing bullets at a rowdy mob in Acholi quarter, stuff Banda zone in Nakawa Division.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango noted that this all began as a one Geoffrey Omon called on a friend identified as Charles Oketch on the night of November 1, to take him out for a drink in a local bar.

“As both got drunk, they developed a quarrel and this prompted Oketch to rise up and hit Omon on the head with a wooden object,” Onyango narrated.

Onyango said Omon was rushed to Gwatiro hospital in Bweyogerere where he passed on .

“The next morning, Omon’s friends rounded up Oketch at his home accusing him for killing their friend, he was first rescued by the areas Local council Chairman who intervened and took him to his home that also doubles as his office.”

“The chairman called police since the mob had surrounded his home, but this didn’t stop them from continuing their attack until they ended up beating Oketch to death.”

Onyango added that the mob continued attacking furiously which prompted Kireka OC, Mugabi to fire bullets in the air and one bullet hit Oyet.

“Oyet, 31 was shot in the chest and was rushed to a hospital in Bweyogerere where he later passed on.”

Onyango added that Mugabi is currently in police cells at Jinja road police station as investigations continue.


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