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Housemate Profiles: Big Brother Hot Shots

Uganda Police Force arrested 7 police officers in Kampala on Tuesday 16th September 2014 for alleged extortion and failure to perform work assigned.

The officers arrested are attached to Kabalagala, information pills Kasangati, and Entebbe and Kyambogo Police Stations.

According to deputy Uganda Police Force Spokesperson Polly Namaye, troche the officers have been getting money from people who come to them seeking Police services, yet the services are supposed to be free.

“The Public is called upon to report to the police’s professional standards unit or to the Station D.P.Cs, in case any officer asks for money from them so as to extend a service,” Namaye urged.

Namaye added that some officers were found to have been sabotaging investigations and prosecution by conniving with suspects to mislay files and exhibits so that files are not taken to the DPP in time in order to skip justice.

Namaye declined to disclose the detained officers, saying that it would hamper investigations, but said that they are currently detained at Nsambya and will be punished if found guilty.

Earlier this year, Police’s Professional Standards Unit detained Francis Chemusto, the Kabalagala police station D.P.C, for mislaying exhibits and conniving with conmen, who had robbed an Indian national.
Chairperson of Ugandan traders operating in South Sudan Mr. Rashid Manafwa has raised concern over the resurrection of torture of foreigners in the country following the announcement of the expulsion of aliens in the country on Monday.

Speaking to Chimpreports on phone Thursday, approved Rashid advised Ugandans living in South Sudan to pitch camp where UPDF bases are to avoid being harassed and tortured by Sudanese.

“Operating nearer the army detach is safer than working in excluded surrounding. It offers better protection measures” Rashid said.

His remarks come moments after government of the war-torn South Sudan announced expulsion any foreign workers in the country.

The decree was published on Tuesday ordering NGOs, online private companies, hotels, banks, insurance, telecommunications and petroleum companies “to notify all aliens working with them in all positions to cease working” within a month..
Juba has since rescinded the decision and clarified that it was only “targeting low level positions existing in the various organisations.”

Labour Minister, Ngol Kolong, said in a statement seen by Chimpreports on Wednesday that, “in reference to the circular, we are not talking about technical or professional positions such as nurses, head of missions, country Directors and Financial controllers of ay institutions including banking, insurance, hotels and non-government organisations.”

According to Rashid, the Tuesday pronunciation which spread like wildfire excited some of locals, provoking heinous action by some wrong sects of the community.

Since the break out of the crisis in the neighbouring country, Ugandan traders working there have reported several cases killings, torture, arbitrary arrests and robbery allegedly meted on them by South Sudanese.

In August last year, the Juba government ordered all Ugandan bodaboda motorists doing business in the country to leave immediately. In the process, several murders were reported.
Kenya: Alusa

Alusa is 33 year old actor, look radio drama director and MC from Nairobi, treat Kenya. He is married and has three children. His favourite food is ugali with chicken stew and traditional vegetables. His favourite book is TD Jakes’ He-Motions and he likes watching National Geographic, The Exes and Nigerian movies on TV. On the music front, he enjoys listening to Sauti-Sol, Mafikizolo, P Square, Youssou N’Dour and Salif Keita. One of his favourite films, Training Day, features one of his favourite actors: Denzel Washington.

He describes himself as ‘ambitious, spiritual, out-spoken, generous and mysterious’, Alusa likes people who are ‘detailed’ and who have a good sense of humour, because he likes to laugh. He doesn’t enjoy people who ‘emit negative energy’.

He entered Big Brother Hotshots for the exposure, as well as the intrigue of living with total strangers in a closed environment and the desire to share his lifestyle with a huge audience. Alusa is looking forward to having the continent watching him: ‘I’m an artist, a performer, so I love attention. I’m not in the least bit intimidated, in fact, I’m thrilled’

Alusa lists Mombasa and his village of Kakamega as his favourite places in Kenya, because they’re both very exotic in their ways and rich culture. He says the best thing about Africa is the people. “Africans are both beautiful in form and diverse culture,” he says. Outside of Africa, his favourite place is Brazil. “Rich culture, beautiful women, sweet samba music, festivals, food – I could go on and on,” he says.

Uganda: Ellah

Ellah is a 23 year old sales assistant with a BSc in Business Computing and hails from Nsambya, Uganda. She lists her favourite foods as ravioli, rice and chicken and her favourite books as Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady and Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich. She enjoys watching Reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York and Orange County. Her favourite singers include India Arie, August Alsina, Beyonce, Rihanna and Sam Smith.

Her favourite place in Uganda is the Lake Bunyonyi Resort and she says the best thing about Africa is ‘the warmness of the people’. Outside of her home country, she says Cambodia is ‘a hidden gem and somewhat a free country’. Ellah has 12 brothers and sisters and says her mom is her role model: ‘her strength and character captivate me’.

Ellah is most proud of having become Miss Uganda 2013/14 because ‘it was a stiff competition and a strong test for me’. She was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots because of the fact that ‘it unites Africa and also is a platform for me to advance’. She says she’s super excited and is looking forward to being on the show.

She describes herself as ‘charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophisticated’ and says that she’s ‘strong and determined’. She values ‘honesty, charisma and joyfulness’ in others, but dislikes ‘lies and fakeness’. If she wins the grand prize, Ellah will buy cars for her mom and invest the rest in real estate.

Zimbabwe: Butterphly

Butterphly is a 24 year old Radio, Television Presenter and Producer from Harare. She lists her favourite foods as meat, pasta with cheese, black-eyed peas and eggs. Her favourite books include the Bible, The Firm, The Long Goodbye, and the Sherlock Holmes series. She likes to watch Chopped, 24, Intelligence and Big Brother Africa.

Butterphly entered Big Brother Hotshots because she’d always wanted to be part of a national sports team, but never got the chance. ‘Being on Big Brother Africa will allow me to take the opportunity to market myself and expand my brand’. She says she won’t use ‘backstabbing and cheating’ or immoral and unethical methods to get the prize. If she wins, she’ll send her sister, brother and kids to really good schools, start a chain of unique food, social and fashion hangout joints and take her mom shopping.

Describing herself as ‘unique, feisty, mysterious, fun-loving and witty’, Butterphly says that people are always shocked when they discover that she’s humble, compassionate and kind. She likes other people with a sense of humour, honour and truthfulness, and dislikes ‘dishonesty and people who pretend to like a person’.

Her mom is her role model: ‘she put her life on pause so ours could play. She’s the hardest working woman I know’. Butterphly says she draws influence from ‘all sorts of people’. ‘Ordinary, young, dead, legends – in everyone’s life story I try to extract important lessons like resilience, faith, strength etc. I learn as much as I can from the people I meet or read about,’ she says.


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