Hope Mwesigye: Museveni Ruining NRM

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi’s family members are not about to stop attacking the NRM leadership, clinic advice http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php the latest being Hope Mwesigye accusing President Museveni of “ruining” the ruling political organisation.

Just like her sister Jacqueline Mbabazi, buy information pills http://debbieschlussel.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader-skin.php who is Mbabazi’s wife, seek Mwesigye is known for speaking her mind without mincing words.

She is thought to have put in place Mbabazi’s clandestine political infrastructure to propel the embattled Secretary General to the post of Presidency in 2016.

Mwesigye has never denied mobilising for Mbabazi’s presidency. But Mbabazi maintains he will not stand against the President in the forthcoming polls, a statement Museveni’s strategists continue to take with a pinch of salt.

The former Agriculture Minister and leader of the ‘Yellow Girls’, told Chimpreports in an exclusive interview on Friday that “the leadership at the top has caused all the chaos and confusion you see in the party today.”

She added: “All this political turmoil in our party has been brought by these people’s poor methods being used to run the party. When I joined the Uganda People Movement in the 1980s it was to fight for good governance, democracy but what is being experienced is not what we fought for. The party is now for one person.”

Mwesigye said, “The divisions in the party are being brought by the methodology that the chairman is using to run party affairs instead of using the party structures. Ever since we were elected into the offices as NRM leaders in Kabale, we have never held meetings due to lack of money. The Tumwebazes (Presidency Minister) and his group are the ones splashing money. Why can’t they give this money to the districts?“

Chimpreports recently reported that Tumwebaze and former spymaster Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi had intensified mobilisation campaigns to dismantle Mbabazi’s grassroot structures which he had put in place to popularise his candidacy ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

The two officials were deployed by President Museveni early this month in western Uganda to identify Mbabazi’s mobilisers and woo them back to the mainstream NRM.

They were also instructed to assess Mbabazi’s strength in the region which he is expected to use as a launch pad for his presidential bid.

In a telephone interview, Mwesigye said, “all the troubles and chaos in the party begun when the NRM MPs went to Kyankwanzi and passed the controversial sole candidature resolution that president Museveni should stand alone in the 2016 general elections while knowing that the party rules and regulations allow all party members to stand at all levels.”

Mwesigye said matters were worsened when “police started harassing, arresting and detaining those who were opposed to the sole candidature proposal,” adding, “this brought a lot of divisions among the members of the party.”

President Museveni recently said the sole candidate resolution was passed to maintain harmony in the party by preventing early campaigns.

He said the Central Executive Committee would soon nominate the person to stand for president on the NRM ticket.

Mwesigye, who is the Kabale district NRM chairperson, also served as Kabale Woman MP until 2011 when she lost the seat to independent Rita Rona Ninsiima.

Mwesigye said she was defeated by Ninsiima in the hotly contested race simply because she was decampaigned by some of the NRM leaders in the district and the country.

On whether she will contest for the same seat in 2016, Mwesigye responded: “I am yet to make up my mind on that.”

By Moses Agaba


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