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HIV Positive Woman Charged with Aggravated Defilement

A 20-year old woman raped a 13-year old

National Geographic has placed Uganda among their top ten ‘Must see Wildlife destinations’ in the world.

National Geographic singled out gorilla tracking as among their top ten recommendations.

In Africa, viagra 40mg see it is only Madagascar which received a mention, information pills the other destinations being Mexico, discount Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and New Mexico in the United States, Scotland, Trinidad and the Falkland Islands.

“The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to roughly half the 750 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild. Expect thick jungle, a lot of sweat, and then the miracle of going eye to eye with the very deep gaze of a watchful silverback,” NatGeo Society revealed.

Uganda has two gorilla national parks, Bwindi and Mgahinga . The two offer a complete range of attractions, from Mt. Elgon to the Rwenzori Mountains – the latter one of the mystic mountain ranges also called the Mountains of the Moon by the ancient Greeks.

Visits to Uganda’s gorilla parks are made even easier for potential visitors through the common East African Tourist Visa which covers entry to Kenya and Rwanda too.

The National Geographic Society (NatGeo) has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888.

It is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world.

Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.
Uganda People’s Defense Forces are set to unveil a new brand on mineral water on the Ugandan market, pilule Chimpreports has learnt.

All is set according to the army spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda, viagra buy to commence production of Uzima Natural Mineral Water.

The Project, buy information pills which is being spearheaded by the UPDF’s Chieftaincy of Welfare and Production is aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of the soldiers, he says.

Uzima Natural Mineral Water will soon be hitting the market

Uzima Natural Mineral Water will soon be hitting the market

“This is part of our mandate remember; to invest in the welfare of our soldiers. It is what the law requires us to do,” Ankunda told us on phone.

He revealed that the firm will be built by the army from scratch and will employ mainly UPDF soldiers, although they may take in some consultancy from outside.

The army says it has enough ready market internally

The army says it has enough ready market internally

Ankunda would not point at the exact amount of investment or the production time frame. He said however, that they are now focused on marketing their oncoming product.

“You have to know though, that we have enough market internally already; big enough that we might not even satisfy.”

Uganda Revenue Authority has revealed that it will no longer ask smugglers to pay penalty fees, viagra order but will carry out legal prosecutions.

Addressing Journalists in Entebbe on Thursday, website the URA Commissioner General, Doris Akol said until recently, those caught smuggling were asked to pay hefty fines but this is no longer effective.

The Commissioner General divulged that there were increased cases of smuggling involving large consignments into the country even though the Authority had increased surveillance to curb the vice.

She added that businessmen do not mind paying fines anymore.

“We are focusing on prosecuting smugglers because they find it easy to pay the fines and continue smuggling,” she said.

She warned that no one will be able to get away with smuggling as every culprit will be taken to court.

As a result of prosecuting and other enforcement interventions, the authority has yielded UgS 8.79 billion out of 1,654 seizure notices issued during the first quarter of the financial period 2015/16.

“The top risky items according to revenue recovered include motorcycles spare parts, suitcases, empty bottles, fabrics, hardware among others,” Akol said.

According to URA, the outright smuggling contributed 2 percent (1.54 billion) towards the total recovery collection.

The offence of undervaluation contributed highest at 39 percent to the total revenue recoveries followed by under declaration.
By Geoffrey Omara

The Grade one Magistrate Court on Thursday charged a 20- year old woman with aggravated defilement of a 13 year old boy.

Jude Okumu, approved the Apac Grade one Magistrate remanded Jeniffer Acen  of Temogo cell, cure Apac town council.

She set to reappear in court on November 18,  2015.

“This court has no power and the jurisdiction, to hear this case since it is a capital offence and you are therefore advised to appear before high court, ”Mr.Okumu said.

The Prosecution led by the Resident State Attorney of Apac, Ms. Jacita Kkaya  told court that the woman had been using the primary school pupil to satisfy her sexual desires.

The District Police Commander, Mr Chemutai Kalifani said Acen was caught defiling the boy and when tested, she was found to be HIV positive.

“This became a big case when we found out the child was also HIV positive,” Mr. Kalifani said.

This is the second aggravated defilement case the Apac magistrate’s court has received, He added.

In December, 2015, Agoa Harriet was charged with aggravated defilement of a 12 year old boy and remanded to Atopi government prison.



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