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Hero’s Welcome: Museveni Vows to Turn Karamoja into Industrial Hub

President Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni receive a heroes' welcome in Karamoja (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/CR)

Organizers of the much awaited friendly encounter between Uganda Cranes All Stars and Barcelona legends have come out to clarify president Museveni’s participation and contribution towards the match scheduled for Saturday 12th December.

The country is currently dipped in political euphoria due to the ongoing campaigns with politicians splashing money and thus unending speculations that the president could be using the platform to his political advantage.

“I am doing this for the country and their is nothing political with it. Barcelona is a big brand and we felt it was the best initiative to inform the president (Museveni) just like we shall also notify the Spanish prime minister Rajoy Brey, sale http://culinaryhealthfund.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/contact-form.php ” one of the main organizers and legend, viagra dosage http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-includes/admin-bar.php Rayco Garcia Caberera told the media in a press briefing.

Earlier in August, purchase the President pledged to contribute to a tune of USD 180,000 (approx. UgShs.630M) to the delegation headed by former Barca and Dutch legend Patrick Kluivert. The sponsorship package is meant to facilitate the promotional tour and the soccer match.

“I will support you because what you are doing will fetch in more tourists and investors to Uganda. You are presenting to the world what Uganda has to offer. I am also happy that you are providing youth programmes that will propel Ugandans onto the international stage,” Museveni was quoted.

The proceeds from the match will go towards boosting youth development programmes spearheaded by Rayco Garcia.
President Museveni has promised to promote concentration of industries in the Karamoja sub-region as part of a wider plan to stimulate economic growth in the area.

Addressing supporters at Moroto Boma grounds in Moroto Town Council on Wednesday evening, case http://danmarknorge.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-embeds-endpoint.php Museveni said Karamoja region is endowed with minerals which would facilitate construction of industries in the area.

“I want to see Karamoja move on to another level of development. In December I am going to break ground for a big cement factory in Katikekire because of the presence of heavy limestone reserves in the area, drug http://cs4all.nyc/wp-admin/includes/theme.php ” said Museveni.

“The limestone reserves in Karamoja are bigger that those in Kasese for Hima because those in Kasese are 23 million tons whereas the reserves in Karamoja are 300 million tons which means they supply Uganda with cement for 300 years.”

The president also said there is a big presence of marble which he said can be beneficial to the people in the area and the country at large in terms of employment.

He noted that people from Karamoja and other areas have been thronging Kampala in search for opportunities, medicine http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/requests/auth.php adding the situation will change and that the North Eastern part of Uganda should prepare to receive people who will be coming to enjoy the benefits of industries in the area.

Museveni said government has provided electricity for domestic use but noted plans are underway to have a big power line from Soroti to Katikekire to help support factories  that would be concentrated in the Karamoja sub-region.

Museveni was handed instruments of power by the people of Karamoja

Museveni was handed instruments of power by the people of Karamoja

Achievements in Karamoja

President Museveni said he was happy that all ‘debts’ for the Karamoja sub region including electricity and roads among others  have been paid, adding, he was contented with the achievements the area has realised courtesy of government efforts.

“When I am in my house at night here in Karamoja, in the wee hours of the night I hear vehicles passing by which is a sign of peace that the people don’t have anything to fear while moving at night,” Museveni said.

“I first came here in 1970 as a research officer in the president’s office and then in 1979 as Minister for Defence but all that time I found only small groups of people living in small groups. Even in 1986, the whole Karamoja region had 195,000 people. Today only Kotido has that number of people which shows some development and increase in number of people.”

The president attributed all this to the health facilities that government has provided to the people of Karamoja including immunization centres and hospitals.

Water Shortage

Museveni said government has finalized plans to construct more dams in every parish to address the problem of water shortage which is rampant in the area, forcing many farmers to lose their animals.

“We have bought equipment from Japan and we will have a program where government provides the equipment to dig communal valley tanks and dams while the people will only provide fuel to be used in the equipment. Government will also support those who want to have personal dams to solve the problem of water shortage.”

The president further promised to address the challenge of tse tse flies in the area.

The Karamajong welcoming President Museveni to the area

The Karamajong welcoming President Museveni to the area

Hero’s Welcome

Earlier President Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni who also doubles as the Minister for Karamoja received a hero’s welcome from the big crowd at Moroto Boma grounds which waved yellow NRM flags in show of support to the presidential aspirant.

It was another cheerful moment when Museveni was handed a three- legged stool and a traditional stick by the elders as a sign of power given to him to steer the country forward.

The President was also dressed in the local traditional attire as a sign of welcome to the area.

The crowds ran mad when the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Janet Museveni stood to salute them.

“Maata Karamoja, Maata Moroto (How are you  Karamoja),”she greeted them in the local dialect.


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