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Grief, Despair as Floods Batter Ntoroko

Forget the Kony 2012 video which was included among the top international events of 2012 by PBS and also called the most viral video ever by TIME Magazine – singer Desire Luzinda’s nude photos have not only caused a storm on social media but also invented a new and sensational pose.

Celebrities including Bobi Wine have since posted photos on social media mimicking the singer in the leaked viral pictures.

“This sign has always been a “V” sign, treatment website http://civicgentledentalcare.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader-skin.php we just took too long to realize, medications http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/hidden.php ” said Bobi Wine.

Luzinda is seen touching her breast with one hand another – her private parts with a v-sign.

The ‘V’ gesture is a political symbol of Uganda’s main opposition political party, pill http://clearintotheclassroom.com/wp-includes/media.php FDC.

“Desire Ur the man… Besides she even supports FDC,” joked city comedian Patrick Salvador.

Kanyomoozi mimicking Luzinda

Kanyomoozi mimicking Luzinda

KFM sports presenter Patrick Kanyomoozi also mimicked Luzinda’s pose in a photo he share don Facebook.

Luzinda’s former boyfriend, Franklin Emuobor told ChimpLyf he exposed Luzinda due to her unfaithfulness.

“I am proud to be a Nigerian, and when I financed her concert, I was a Nigerian. When I kept showering her with money and gifts I was a Nigerian. Now that I refused to bail her out from her debts because of her unfaithfulness I am a conman,” charged Emuobor.

“If she was denying that I was never her boyfriend, I now want to show the entire world how she looked smiling at me when nude.”

Luzinda has since described the leakage of her photos as “betrayal” and “breach of trust”.

Bobi Wine also spoke out on the 'V' pose

Bobi Wine also spoke out on the ‘V’ pose

As floods continue to intensify and cause havoc in Ntoroko district, information pills http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/ms-blogs.php the displaced people have resorted to using the government-donated mosquito nets for shelter.

The over 2, medical 000 displaced homesteads are now camping at Rwebisengo Sub-County headquarters, visit this site Budiba primary school and district headquarters at Kibuuku while others took refuge in neighbouring districts of Kabarole and Bundibugyo.

They are accusing the area members of parliament Hon. Martin Bahinduka and district woman MP Hon. Jennifer Mujungu of failing to respond to their cries despite the many calls.

50- year-old Sofia Byanjeru, a resident of Budiba Sub County, explains she saw heavy water filling her house last Saturday night.

She says she lost 10 hens and goats in floods and all her property.

Byanjeru says she survived death after boarding a canoe to Budiba center where she has camped. She erected a temporary shelter using the mosquito nets but says she has no any material like food, plates and clean water for drinking.

70 -year-old Jane Komunjura says she lost her grass-thatched house with all her property. She said she was however lucky when they transported her with her 20 family members to Budiba camp on canoes at a free cost.

Elder Yofesi Byabacwezi told Chimpreports he shares a small room with over 50 people who lack a pit latrine. He said they are living in fear of a possible outbreak of water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery.

Ms. Betty Thembe, the speaker Ntoroko district, confirmed that so far they have not received any assistance for the flood victims who are now stranded with nothing to feed on.

She explained they have written to the office of Prime Minister, Ministry for Disaster and preparedness, Ministry of Education and other Humanitarian partners such as Save the Children but are yet to receive a response.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Ntoroko described the situation as “serious”, adding, floods are “abnormal and worst ever experienced in the district”.

CAO named the seriously affected sub counties as Bweramule which was entirely submerged by floods, Kiranga parish in Rwebisengo sub-county, Budiba and Masaka parishes in Butungama and some area in Kanara Sub-County.

The district started experiencing the heavy floods last Saturday night following heavy rains in the hilly areas of Democratic Republic of Congo that led to bursting of River Semuliki.

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