Gov’t Advised to Abandon Sh 24bn Katosi Road Money


Government has been counselled to let go of the Shs 24 billion sunk in the fraudulent Mukono – Katosi road construction project, and use the scam to fight graft in the county’s public sector.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) recommends that government ignores the Shs 24bn lost to American based EUTAW Construction Company and hastens to re-tender the road project.

The opposition party welcomed Inspector General of Government (IGG)’s recent directive to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to undertake fresh contracting of the road.

Mrs Irene Mulyagonja in last week’s directive,  ordered UNRA to open fresh procurement of new contractors, excluding the Chinese company CICO, which had already commenced works on the road.

CICO was subcontracted by EUTAW, to take on the works, after details came in the open that the latter was a fake.

The IGG’s move has since been met with mixed feelings.

While she took credit for busting the graft in the road deal, some sections including the Attorney General claim the lengthy process could stall the road project and cost a fortune to the county.

Residents of Buikwe affected by the bad state of the 74km road have also been piling pressure on government to expedite its completion.

FDC spokesperson Mr John Kikonyogo however, advised on Monday that government accepts the loss of the Sh 24 billion advance payment made to EUTAW and re-tenders the road.

“Let’s use this road as a case study; it will help us save a lot of money in future,” said Kikonyogo on Monday.

“Besides it’s not the time government is losing such huge sums of money, we lost Sh 169 billion to Mr (Hassan) Basajjabalaba.”

He added, “The people of Buikwe should bear with us Ugandans. We cannot watch over an illegality take place, because they badly want to have a new road.”

Reports indicate that the Chinese company a few days ago took to Court and successfully obtained an order blocking UNRA from implementing the IGG’s directive.

Mr Kikonyogo urged all Ugandans to stand with Mrs Mulyagonja, amidst the challenges, noting that undertaking the project though the right process would set a good precedent, and curtail future possible corruption tendencies in government projects.


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