Go Back To School Campaign Launched in Kabarole

Opposition pressure group code-named “Benghazi” has renounced FDC and its recent presidential flag-bearer Dr Kizza Besigye before pledging alliance to the NRM party.

Based in Kasangati, nurse Nangabo Sub-country, Kyaddondo East Constituency in Wakiso district, the movement rose to prominence a few years ago when it started mobilising protests in the area.

Whenever police raided Kasangati to arrest Besigye, ‘Benghazi’ members would engage security forces in street battles.

This made Kasangati volatile.

The team’s name was coined around the events in Benghazi, Libya whereby the town acted as a centre and symbol of resistance against departed leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi was toppled in an uprising backed by western countries.

ChimpReports understands in a bid to isolate Besigye, Benghazi was penetrated and weakened by NRM mobilisers before its leaders chose to defect to the ruling party.

Addressing the media at Team Thorough offices in Bugolobi this week, the group of 50 leaders who represented over 700 people from Nangabo Sub County said they were tired of being taken advantage of by politicians whom they labelled self-seekers.


The group, led by Lamech Kyaddondo said they have for long been “misled by the opposition to participate in acts of sabotage” but have realized this cannot enhance their social- economic life.

They said they have “always suffered the repercussions whenever we participate in acts of violence yet politicians including Besigye who have been our leader” continues living better lives and their families are safe.

They added that these demonstrations usually initiated from Kasangati by Besigye “have built a negative image of the area and the residents are failing to progress because they are always on tension” and spend all their time in acts of violence and sabotage.

The youth requested Besigye to “stop his defiant demonstrations or else relocate to another area.”

Kyaddondo said most of his members are lured into demonstrations and riots in search of quick money because they are unemployed and redundant.

He told the media that they have waited in vain for Besigye’s promises to avail them with jobs and other unrealistic solutions to their problems.

“We are fed up with these acts of violence because for all the time we have had them, we have never realized anything good apart from our people suffering,” said Kyaddondo.


The Benghazi group, which is composed of mainly youth, requested government to help them start income generating activities and also incorporate them in the economic development programs like Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and the Youth Livelihood Program (YLP).

The group pledged to spread the gospel of peace and also to work with Government to ensure their transformation.

Davidson Sserunjogi who is the in-charge Team Thorough, Buganda Region, welcomed the group and said that NRM is a home for every Ugandan.

He appealed to them to love their country and safe-guard the peace ushered in by the NRM government.
Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura is Thursday expected to meet with the hardliner Rwenzururu King Wesley Mumbere at Margherita Hotel in Kasese; hardly a week after the top security official accused the monarch’s loyalists of fomenting political violence in the region.

At least 15 civilians were killed and 4 others injured in the violence in Kasese and Bundibugyo after announcements that NRM leaders had won elective positions in the area.

According to General Kayihura, doctor 139 houses were also set ablaze.

Kayihura blamed the violence on Rwenzururu, adding some of the kingdom’s militants had received military training from rebel ADF camps across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“What is common to them is that they were members of a militia group linked to Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu cultural institution, calling themselves “Kirumiramutima” (strong-hearted),” said Kayihura.

“It should be noted that the Omusinga wa Rwenzururu has got official Royal guards given to him by, and based on agreement with Government. Three suspects connected with the attack have so far been arrested and are helping the Police with Investigations,” Kayihura added.

The police boss’ comments sparked fury from Kingdom officials and opposition leaders in the area, accusing him of being biased.

Kasese Woman MP Winfred Kiiza said Kayihura was part and parcel of the problem by not understanding the area’s political and cultural complexities.


Mumbere’s meeting with General Kayihura is expected to start at 11:00am.

A kingdom official said, “Our King will reiterate our earlier communication where as Banya Rwenzururu we are peace loving and accommodative people who continue to co-exist with others.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely, the source added: “It will also be made clear that our People are not happy with the negative propaganda and innuendos where the IGP at times concludes some issues without having concrete investigations done.”

The Police chief recently urged the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Cultural Institution, as well as other cultural institutions in the region to “cooperate with security forces to engage, particularly the youth against getting themselves involved in violence, and ensure that business life, and the life of ordinary people in Kasese District, and the sub region as a whole goes on, normally without disturbance from irresponsible, reckless, and even dangerous criminal activities.”
The Kabarole district leaders have launched the Go Back to School Campaign, cure with a call to parents to give all necessary support to their children to enable them attain quality education.

The campaign is running under the theme: “Create an inclusive school to bring joy and retain every child in school.”

Harriet Angwena the Inspector of Schools in charge Special Needs revealed that the campaign seeks to create awareness among the public on the importance of education and increase pupil enrollment and retention in school.

“In 2014/15 the dropout was standing at 35% but with the Go Back to School campaign sensitizing parents, viagra leaders and school administrators, it has now reduced to 30 percent which is a big achievement,” she said.

The campaign follows the staggering school dropout rates in the mountainous sub counties of Katebwa, Karangura,Kabonero and Kasenda,Ruteete and Hakibale where practices of child labour and early marries are common.

Launching the campaign at Nsuura Primary School in Katebwa Sub County on Wednesday, the District Chairperson Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga observed that many children have dropped out of school most especially girls due to early pregnancies, early marriages and child labor.

Rwabuhinga said, “I argue all parents in this Rwenzori area to guard against such practices that affect the education and future of the Ugandan child. The practices will leave your communities underdeveloped”.

He observed the need for all parents to embrace educating a child as a way of planning their future retirement enumeration since they will in turn look after them after their graduation.

However, the chairman asked school head teachers to create a conducive learning environment avoid harassment and stigmatizing them to enable them stay in school and complete school.



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